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Great motivational speech for those trying to achieve there dreams!

Over the past few years, I have learned many things about myself, my inner voice, my determination, my courage, and my goal oriented personality! I had always known I was strong-willed, 💪 had purpose, and not a pushover in any sense of the word. However, I let my kindness and gentle heart overpower my intuition and path. Sometimes, when we are younger and / or in circumstances we feel we don’t have much say or control, we limit our possibilities and prolong our suffering! I woke one day and said, “Enough is Enough” to the destructive, toxic, fake, and grotesque relationships I was entangled with. For not only myself but for all of you out there, it can vary. These destructive relationships can be family, spouses, employers, friendships, really anyone you give time or worth to! I believe once you see and recognize your self worth and respect boundaries that NOONE should be ever able to cross with you, you limit and rid yourself of people who manipulate, critique, criticize or undermind you as a person, or they think your just plain naive to there indiscretions!

Learning my gut was my most powerful source as it was my first step in moving forward to pursue dreams and goals I knew were overdue and calling for me loudly and clearly! Sometimes, against all adversity, we find the most strength 💪 I learned to trust the process and let God direct me as I also found strength in making my kids, “MY WHY!”

To the haters, the people who tried to keep me from my dreams by using the relationship as some kind of tool for control, to the family and friends, that never listened to my side but listened to the gossip and the slander any and all of that. Any I was supposed to count on that held conversations behind my back pretending to be for me but where clearly trying to minimize me in anyway to build themselves up out of jealousy and manipulation. Some conversations have come to light, and the I love you as fake and blackened as your soul! Some of you helped to destroy relationships I had, it’s okay, see, I know, God knows and you know, truth always comes to light, good will always win in the end, and I pity your insecurities and I value the ones in my life that believed in me and watched me turn away from darkness and find the light! I want to thank all of who said, you won’t do it, who stood in my way until I moved you, who caused chaos and rucas, it made me a fighter, it made me get rid of all toxic garbage and people undeserving of my time, and made me mostly, A WINNER!

I hope my my words and experiences will save someone else in a similar circumstance who is trying to pursue and live their truth, dreams, and life in any way! Remember, it’s always better to surround yourself with a few who are TRULY FOR YOU, then a ton of people who are OBVIOUSLY AGAINST YOU! Listen to your gut, and pay attention to your intuition it’s your strongest ally, as is God! Be who you are supposed to be and work like hell! Don’t worry about the naysayers, the fake and toxic family and friends, or the significant other undermining your intelligence! Go get whatever you want in life, as you get one, live it, love it, and work like hell to have it!! My kids are the reason I am going where I am going!! Xoxo ❤️