If I can give some advice to all my beautiful blogger girls all over the world 🌎 my advice and hints and secrets! πŸ’‹

1.) Do not Do not use bleach or at least not on your whole head that is! I was born blonde, a beautiful blonde, until the age of 10 when It darkened…unfortunately for years I used bleach under the silly impression, “Blondes have more fun theory “πŸ˜‰ 😜 First that is overrated and outdated! While blonde is beautiful I agree, what is more beautiful is a healthy Mane that is long and soft and flowing…trust me a man would much rather touch a head full of soft hair then a head full of straw that is blonde in color ladies! Unless of course you stay naturally blonde well then your lucky 😏 best of both worlds!

2.) Wash no more then 3 x a week less if your lucky like me and you have more of a dry texture…washing too much is a killer on beautiful hair no matter how expensive the products you use! Throw out that idea of you have to wash everyday …PROMISE less is more! But don’t skip on the daily showers please 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

3.) Air dry omg 😲 stop with the hair dryers nothing dries hair more then hairdryers…I haven’t used one or owned one in over 5 years! Air-dry!

4.) Braid before bed! Don’t leave uour hair down before you hit the sheets all that tossing and turning is bad for your hair EVEN with a satin pillow case! Braid hair lightly in the back as it’s sexy and keeps hair without knots and tangles!

5.) Use olaplex! Look it up online it repairs and restores hair keeping it healthy from all the damage we do to our locks! If you still need to bleach your hair, well, at least use olaplex in between salon visits and during the bleaching process…ask your hairdresser and look this valued product up online I vouch its a God send and I am a skeptic on products! This is a keeper as I have used it for at least 7 years!

6.) Get your hair trimmed no more then 3 or 4 times a year…..anymore then that it’s stays the same length.. I know I made the mistake of buying into the idea of every 4 to 6 weeks that a trim is necessary…it kept me locked into the same length for way too long!

7.) Then there’s the obvious….eat well don’t smoke, you know all the nasty habits that destroy your insides and health along with your skin and hair affecting not only your inner organs but your outer appearance!

Hope these little tid bits help πŸ™

Now try not to brush too much and when you do hopefully your full of luster and love ❀ πŸ’• β™₯

Kisses beauties 😘 πŸ’‹

A Year Later πŸ’‹ I am A Warrior..pics below πŸ’‹

A Year Later and years later as well!

Never realizing the psychological damage that stalking from one and narcissistic abuse from another could have such a negative yet positive impact on my life!

You may have hurt me you may have damaged me BUT YOU DIDNT BREAK ME!

Your weakness made me stronger and wiser and made me the beautiful and confident woman I am today!

I thought I was always strong and beautiful before but you made me a warrior and the scars you created upon my heart my mind and soul made me fight harder then I ever have in life and my success is your failure!

This video and those lyrics match my words I played this video last year it strikes and burns the truths of my inner being….. for you only God can forgive you for what you have done to not only me but others …you better get down on your knees and pray he forgives you! Damnation is your future!

Oh the truths I could tell, for now your not worth it …those two gross pigs in the video you two can decipher who’s who

Oink oink 🐷

If you can’t leave a comment it’s accidental sometimes when you preview or edit it creates local changes and its hard to reverse …but this had to be said today something hit me yesterday making me realize the price I had to pay to become the person I am today! If my video doesn’t play go directly to my site it’s visible to play there!

Hugs to all the beautiful writers across the globe our words strike the heart and cords of the ears who listen β€πŸ’‹

Beast Mode Baby πŸ’‹πŸ’―

ERIC THOMAS is thee best Motivational speaker in the world he got my son through college raising two kids and dealing with the hardship of a narcissistic relationship I was in! This son of mine is working on getting his masters in the near future and already works for a large firm! Graduating with a 3.9 GPA while raising 2 toddlers is a amazing accomplishment! He graduated with honors and cum laude!

This Is my baby!!!

Eric Thomas pushes me everyday to not only work two jobs but succeed In my business a business a narcissistic relationship tried to hold me back from! I am successful and I am doing it! I not only left a narcissistic relationship I dealt with the weakest man I know a man who stalked me for 13 years and it seems may be trying to stir things up again as I noticed some of the same traits happening to my phone as in the past! Listen you weak little Napoleon syndrome piece of crap you need serious medical help and while your at get prepared to have this story told because the only lesson you will ever learn is the one when your shackled and looking through the bars of a jail cell! And don’t worry detective on speed dial and I am watching all my accounts I am already pressing his text to notify him..

But losers stay losers and winners win!!

To both of you ….I won! Hope this helps my word press friends get motivatedIt will get your heart pumping and skip in your stepLove to the beautiful friends across the globe 🌎 ❀

And thank you Eric Thomas πŸ™

Candy Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹

Red lips πŸ‘„

Stained on her wine glass 🍷

Taste of her



Like a dark decant treat

Chocolate 🍫

Lick your lips

The flavor


Like her curves


Black lace tattoos

Like a garter

On her thighs

Your temperate rising

The softness of her skin

Olive hue


Like a sunflower 🌻

In its beautiful array


On a warm summer day


Like her


Her scent

Taste of her kiss

Upon your lips

Total bliss

Want to lick

Melts upon your tongue

Coming undone




Candy 🍬

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved

I am releasing the toxins of the past! πŸ’‹ For 8 years I was hidden and hindered by a jealous man who restrained me from wearing a bikini…crazy right? I am purging out the past and set myself free! Saying here I am world I am free! I mean hell it’s a bathingsuit….isn’t that something we all wear? This is liberating ❀ Click For pic ❀ I mean damn it’s beach wear πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

New Horizons 🌞 Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹

Dedicated to the life I left behind and to the success I am creating, not only in my personal life but my career as well as my writing πŸ’‹

I finally opened my own legitimate business today I got the paperwork In hand (I AM MY OWN EMPLOYER)… I so wanted to open this for quite some time but damned and control by vows that where not as strong as my will to live!! Therefore I had to leave behind the nay sayers whom held me back…to the chains I broke and the prison walls that bound me …no more will any person hold me down for my light and life are mine to succeed and sparkle ✨ the first step to success was your demise as I exhaled and purged your disease … now as I inhale my new life.. my heart is finally fulfilled!!

Leaps and bounds

She is gaining ground

Success is at her feet

There never was defeat

Only the rusty chains that bound her

Tears wiped away

For there is no longer dismal rainy days

Clouds separated

By array of beaming light

Sunshine so bright

The gleaming sweat

Dancing upon her skin

From within

She sways

To the beat of a new drum

Soul is purified

Not burdened

Life is taking flight

To a bright new horizon

The bleeding scars left behind

Upon her delicate wrists


Like the nightmare she woke from

Waterfalls of tears

Soaked pillow case

And fears


Disgraced upon his name

Living in his evil

He succumbs

To his existence


Four prison walls

Couldn’t hold her

Laughing at your dismay

The games you played

You silly fool

You lost her

And she is everything

You where afraid she would be




Like the beautiful butterfly πŸ¦‹

You see

Flying upon its new horizon 😎

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved


Thank you Chuck for the pleasure of writing together ❀

Your WordsΒ Are WeaponsΒ 
Sharp And Deadly
And Meant To Wound

A Smiling Liar,
Hiding Behind
Tender PoemsΒ And Promises
That Disguise So Well
The Disgusting Deceit
And The Blades That Cut So DeepΒ  Β 

Cruel Deceptions,
The Stock In Trade
For A Thief Of Hearts And Time,  

While Parading Around
In Carefully Crafted Lies,
That Give The Appearance
Of Virtue, Gallantry
And A Fine Character,
When Observed From A Far

But With Time,
The Evil, Wicked Ways You Possess
Start To Become Visible
As Facts And Truth
Start Dissolving The Mask
You Use To Hide Your Lies   

And Psychotic Tendencies Behind

No Guilt Or Shame Or Regret
Have You, For The Broken Hearts
And Stolen Time You Have Taken
From The Lives Of Others,
Your Victims

Karma And Justice  

Will Give A Harsh Judgment   

That Will Fall Upon Your Soul, 
And Your Name Will Be
The Definition Of Shame And Disgust  
Soon You Will Feel The Wrath
Of Judgment For Your Sins
As You Feel The Torment
For What You Have Done
To The Innocent

Your Meaningless Apologies
Will Echo Back,
The Words You Yell,
Repulsed By The Gates Of Hell

As The Wicked Soul
Of The Thief Of Hearts And Time,
Shares His Well Deserved Fate
With The Devil

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio and Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 06-28-2021 – 05:30 a.m.

HYPNOTIZED By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹

Written For D πŸ’‹

Mesmerized by his eyes

Hazel sheen

She gazes in

Beauty seen

The portrait of a decant face

His soul speaks loudly

His heart pounding within

Thumping rapidly

Heavy breathing

Desire like a ragging fire πŸ”₯


For she is hypnotized

Her eye’s blue green

Cats design

Yellow ring


Like her long blonde streaked hair

To her beautiful place

Called heavens gate

She is everything but plain

Angels wings

Like a whisper

Devilish too

Make a man come unglued

He upon a stare

Is aware

She is his dream come true

He is hypnotized

There kiss πŸ’‹

Soft and long


Moans In unison


His tongue

Her touch

There Yearning is such

Nothing can separate them

For they are hypnotized!!

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved

I Stepped Out Of This Role A Year Ago And Stepped Into Happiness..πŸ’–πŸ’― Click For Video ..So Glad That Toxic Life Is In The Dump Where It Belongs!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹