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This Rock Chick Needs some 70’s tonight! Totally need some DE-STRESSING ;)

It is only tuesday and i am already EXHAUSTED! Yes, i am pouting 😦 so much to do, so many places to be, all you mommies and daddies out there you know the drill! Work, our kids sports and there activities, appointments, errands, phone calls, laundry, dishes, dinner, and the list goes on and on and on, and did i say on !! Wait, let us not leave out the whining the complaining as my brain is burned out and my eyes heavy! So what better to turn things around? Candles, merlot, music!

I am a alternative rock chick, i love my linkin park, adema, skillet, however, i love ALL music! Sometimes i feel a little country, yes,i put on that country hat and those cowboy boots! And sometimes soft music, when i feel like my mind is wandering and romantic and then i love my pop and hip hop when i am ready to shake it, and of course 80’s 90’s. BUT, there are times i love my 70’s too! My daddy was a hippie who went to woodstock so i always use to take his records, yes records (for you young ones :)),and play them. I always had to be like, DADDY! 🙂 xoxo So for all you older parents, who know whom i am talking about, I am relaxing to some, Harry Chapin, Cat stevens, Paul Davis, Boz Scaggs, England Dan, Dan Hill, moody blues, the who, and two of my favorite movies old movies, aka as urban cowboy and staying alive how about some BEE GEES okay, omg, i just admitted to that, covering my face, showing my age:)

Anyway, try it out, pick your drink of choice, light those candles, play some 70’s and feel the stress melt away!!! Now all i need is a massage!! 🙂

Making Moments Matter!

This afternoon i made dinner for my kids and grandkids. It was just them and I! My older son’s fiance is also one of my kids now, and we all spent the afternoon eating, talking, laughing, and they played board games. It is one of those precious moments that you keep hold of and sit back and take in! Sunday night dinners are memorable for me, as i child my siblings and i use to visit our grandparents on both sides on each sunday. I remember loving those visits and dinners, they are moments i treasure still to this day, and memories i intend to keep by creating them with my kids and grandkids. Traditions are important and memories of all your kids and grandkids together with you laughing, giggling, playing and spending countless hours just with you, i think are the best moments in life! So, i leave this brief blog with remember, tell people you love that you love them! Laugh with your kids, hug them no matter how old they are, tell them every night before bed that you love them! Hold your grandchildren tight they grow up way to fast! If you do not have kids or grandkids, tell people you care about that you care about them. If you like someone, tell them! If you are not happy make changes, life is to short to waste. Live your life no matter how hard the best way you can, don’t live with regret, we do not get another chance so say what you need to say or want to say! Do not let fear control you! And just go for it!!! xoxo

The Great Debate Modern Medicine verses Alternative Medicine!

There are many heated debates among people of all age groups of which is the superior and inferior route in health care. My personal opinion, BOTH! I base my opinion on fact, some knowledge and personal experience. First and foremost i am not a physician, i have some medical knowledge but only a degree as a medical assistant. I always say that to be a doctor is a honorable commitment that takes years of serious dedication. There are some wonderful, caring physicians out there so always consult your doctor! With that said, the time i was in school i did take anatomy and physiology as well as pharmacology and had interned in a surgical setting. I did learn phlebotomy as well as take some courses touching in psychology. So what is your opinion are you all for modern medicine, science or for alternative and holistic? I think both can go hand in hand with the right doctor, sufficient knowledge, and knowing what is probable and factual. In other words do not go by the internet and always gather the most information based on your needs though your doctor.

Today, there is much advancement in modern medicine that we are living longer, healthier lives! In the last 30 years we have came such a long way in the fight against cancer, and disease. I stand true to what choices we make can either benefit our lives or steer us to our demise. We all know obviously that cigarettes, illicit drugs and eating fast food can shorten life span. We also know eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies as well as nut’s, olive oil and lean fish and meats, with exercise, and being proactive in early detection of a health issue (aka colonoscopies, mammograms, and checking blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels) are going to help prolong any health issues. With that said we always have to factor in GENETICS, friend or foe it is the real deal. It is for us or against us, literally! You can take someone who is lean with minimal body fat who eats well, exercises, handles stress with a type B personality who develops hypertension. You can also take someone who eats fast food all day long, smokes, is a couch potato and lives comfortably to 90. GENETICS! However, the right choices still can help with combating the health issues we are predisposition too!

So let us go back to the debate. Let us use high blood pressure as a example. If you have hypertension and you are not crazy high, maybe borderline high or right at that 140/90 cusp i can see trying to lower it first with weight reduction if that is present, changing your diet, exercise, and stress reduction via mediation and reiki as well as using less salt. If that works, wonderful, your lucky! However, if your crazy high OR you do all these things already and let’s say your not able to lower it that’s when you need to treat. So there is a time and place for medication and a time and place for alternative routes or combining the two with the help of your doctor.

I grew up in a house where my father took so many herbs and vitamins(things like ginseng, ginkgo biloba) as part of his health routine that i can honestly say we looked like a health food store. My dad still to this day does this as well as eats right, has a acupuncturists, massage therapist, and his chiropractor. And exercises. He is healthy and it is his belief. I on the other hand only take things FDA approved for knowing they are tested for safety and standard as i only take vitamins with the USP symbol. The USP symbol, standard is important for quality, puriety, and potency. In other words the vitamins are safe and they actually work. Always look for the USP on any vitamin you inquire, i prefer all nature made products for this reason. I also tend to not take many vitamins i prefer to get my nutrients from food sources! However, i do take CO Q10 that is very beneficial for heart and kidney health and our body already makes this we just seem to be a little deficient and this little pill helps our body with more of what we are lacking. As far as modern medicine i take a blood pressure pill i am a type A personality who needs stress reduction, i can admit that. 🙂 I have a genetic predisposition to acid reflux even on the most healthy diet yay genetics. I have to take meds for this. My maternal grandmother died of esophageal cancer from non treatment and lets just say even my young children at there young ages are also getting reflux and have to be treated, as well as my siblings and so the story goes modern meds will help to prevent cancer in the esophagus. I also take allergy meds, i have had anaphylactic shock and carry epi pen everywhere because i am allergic to many things including and not limiting to foods and environment. So modern medicine is my savior. But, i truly believe in, using ginger root, drinking green tea, eating gojo berries, reiki, spices like turmeric, massage, acupuncture, and enjoy going to see my chiropractor. These measures only aid in helping me to be more healthy! I believe in prayer, positive thinking, mediation, as well as the mind controls the body! I believe we can truly in conjunction with medication, heal ourselves if we truly believe we can! Placebo effect!!

So i end on this note whatever your belief, i truly encourage you to do both. ALWAYS, seek the advice of your physician! Eat well, tons of blueberries, greens, nuts, olive oil, red wine in MODERATION, limit animal fats, processed and trans fats and sweets, exercise, drink green tea, sip water with lemon, lime and ginger. Throw turmeric on your salads. Take CoQ10, vitamin D, pray, meditate, get a massage. See a chiropractor to restore structural integrity of the spine, it helps heal without the use of some medication and can help aid you in a more speedy recovery! God Bless!!

Scent, Touch, Chemistry!

The smell of a man or woman’ scent and light touch is all it takes to make chemistry ignite! Did you ever wear a man’s shirt to bed just to smell his cologne all night long? Or did someone ever just softly touch your cheek or move your hair ever so softly? And in that touch you felt a surge of excitement? Did you ever sit or be near someone who just smelled amazing? These surges of sexuality can happen, it is magnetic and a kinetic force that is like a fierce tiger whom is ready to roar!

Let’s start with scent. Scent can be alluring, intoxicating, it heightens all your primal instincts. It awakens the senses. Think of a time you either hugged someone or where close to them and there scent was left lingering on you. Think of how powerful and electrifying it was to smell them the rest of the day! If it is someone whom you are with it may intensify the love and or may spark desire. If it is someone whom is not, it may cause fantasy and lust! Either way scent is POWERFUL!

Touch is another powerful feeling, emotion, that can speak louder than words. When we are touched there are different feelings, and emotions that are felt. These depend on whom and how we are touched. Touch conveys more than anything how someone feels. If a man or woman touches you softly, gently and slowly, good chance they are communicating attraction to you without verbally telling you. This to me is more alluring! If your significant other touches you in these ways it may be a way to generate love and affection. If it is solely a person whom you are in contact with it can leave curiosity and desire. Either way touch is powerful, exciting, and every human longs to be touched!

I leave this topic with, wear your favorite scent, be who you are, convey what you want, smell amazing, touch softly, give lot’s of hugs :)and wear his shirt to bed! 😉

Remembering September 11th and Praying for World PEACE!!!

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18 years ago was a sad day for America and the world! Today, I reflect on all those who lost there lives in the 911 attacks in new York city and Pennsylvania, as well as Arlington! I also reflect on those who live in other parts of the world who endure war daily! I can only pray for peace and unity among all nations, I pray for justice and world peace! Love is so much better then hate, if only everyone saw it that way, what a WONDERFUL world this would be!!! God Bless the USA and God Bless All Nations around the Globe!

My Favorite City in the USA! The City of Brotherly Love! PHILADELPHIA!

Of all the cities i have visited, there is no one that holds my heart, like philly! This is where it all started! Philadelphia is the birth place of the Declaration of Independence and the constitution. This is the birth place of the united states! I have been to other beautiful cities like Miami, New York, Chicago, Ontario in beautiful canada, to name a few. They all are truly Beautiful, Unique and wonderful places to visit. I love all the cities i have mentioned above and some i can not wait to explore in the USA and abroad, BUT philly holds my heart!

Independence Hall!


Art Museum JFK Boulevard!
Ben Franklin Bridge, Patco speedline!

City Of Brotherly Love!

What is Truly important in a relationship?

What is truly important in a relationship? Most would say two words, Fidelity and Honesty! And i agree, however, i think just as important is passion and compassion. Why? Because without both a relationship will die at some point and end! As humans we all need excitement and when that withers away we look for something fun, replacement for feeling like life is malady of boredom. Compassion as well, when we are in a long term relationship we forget the compassion we felt in the early stages when all we did is worry about the other person. Although we get lazy as time goes by and years pass by, we need to reflect on not losing those things that connected us in the beginning. Life is chaos, there is jobs, kids, school, activities, stress, appointments that make us feel so drained we have nothing left. BUT in order to maintain passion and compassion we need to devote time to the person we are in love with! We need support and understanding from each other and seeing each other though, no matter what trials or turbulent waters we tread, without the passion and compassion we will surly seek it from another source.

So let’s start with compassion. The meaning in my own terms is consideration and tenderness towards someone. Most, not all, humans feel compassion. It is a human tendency to feel and support those in times of stress, need, sickness. When we love someone no matter what it is, we need to be supportive and there for whatever those we care about are going though. I think saying, ” I love you” and “i am here for you'”and being understanding, will show compassion to the one who needs to feel that security and strength when they feel weak and desolate. Those three letter words and saying you are there no matter what, means the world to someone seeking compassion!

Now passion, see i think the two go hand in hand. I think if your a compassionate person you are a passionate person as well. Passion is a important thing in any relationship! I mean who wants to kiss a dead fish! Passion is a desire, a connection, it is a strong electric longing to kiss, touch, be with the object of your desire. So how does that affect long term relationships? Well, most of us have jobs that are long and we are tired at the end of the day, others have that and the fuss and stress of family life and kids. Leaving us at the end of the day to feel like the best thing we can do is retire to bed and fall into a restful slumber with no interuptions. So passion means work! It means kissing, a lot of kissing, Hugging, dating, and as silly as it sounds holding hands. Yes, i sound like a teenager, however, these simple connections will connect, bond and release those feelings and endorphins and passion! I believe the more you put in the more you will get out! So even if you have been with him or her or whomever, for years, remember the beginning, strive to touch, kiss them, date, look into there eyes and hold hands. Passion can be reignited, you just have to try! And who doesn’t like to feel passion, come on, it is the best damn feeling a human can feel! Now Ignite that passion and while your at show some compassion!! 😉

Thankful for unconditional LOVE!

Just a quick thankful moment to be grateful for those in my life that make it so special! Last night i spent some time with my daughter and we laughed! She is my baby! Tonight, i spent time with my son and grandson and watched the two of them play hide and seek, simon says, and watch a movie cuddled in the same chair! It was so funny to watch my grandson hide five times in the same spot! 🙂 Over and over every turn he had he hid repeatedly in the same excat spot:) It made my whole night, i love both of my sons, and my baby girl, and my grandchildren, there is not enough words for that love! I feel so blessed to have my kids and grandkids by my side ALL the time, for it these moments that make life complete!

I also am grateful for my sisters whom i love to talk with and my daddy that makes me smile! I also have a brother i love, and a husband who gives all of us everything he can! I am also thankful for my sons fiance who gave me these two wonderful grandchildren along with my son! I also have a aunt who would drop everything if i called her! Also thankful for some that touch us with the little things in life, today a client gave me flowers she handpicked from her own garden! That gesture touched me deeply and ment the world to me! Sometimes the biggest things in life are not about material or money, more about those in our life who truly love and we love unconditionally!! xoxoxo

The Eyes are Window to the soul! ;)

The eyes are truly the window to the soul. The eyes can communicate sometimes more than words. They can say and mean so much more than what you hear when someone speaks. The eyes are a powerful tool in what someone is thinking or what someone is feeling! Believe it or not you can tell if someone is attracted to you or are lying to you based solely on how they gaze into your eyes,or how long they maintain eye contact. This is purley my interpretation on personal experience and some may agree and some may disagree. However, you can take what i say and see similarities or maybe there are differences in opinions. Would love to know what others think, agree, or disagree. Whether you have scientific facts or just your thoughts or feelings. Always open for discussion! 🙂

Did you ever met someone who you instantly where attracted to just by looking into there eyes? Even when the person of interest is not quite what people indicate as extremely attractive however, once you maintain eye contact some form of sexuality is present! It is so much more then what is on the surface it seems deeper, making chemistry not based on looks but the depth of the soul! And that’s where i get the eyes are the window to the soul! Think of it, did you ever wonder if someone really likes you? Sure they talk to you, engage with you BUT do they really feel attracted to you? My belief is watch the eye contact do they seem to have a hard time not gazing into your eyes? Do they have a hard time looking away? Are there are other people present in the conversations but, they are only locking eyes with you? If there stare is to long, there pupils dilate, there smiling at the same time as they hold there stare, and you get that feeling inside of intensity, there trying to let you know there is interest there. No matter how hard you try to deny that feeling, that rush of endorphins, lets you know that both individuals feel that spark. And it is all based on that strong eye contact!

How about when you tell your spouse or significant other that you love them? But you do it while looking into there eyes rather than over the phone. Don’t the words seem more intense? More significant? I believe eye contact intensifies the feeling of love! It can also help connect two people who never let go of there love, they do not even need to say it, the eyes say it all when they are together! Words are not as powerful as the eyes. Think of it someone can claim to love you, say it over and over, however you do not believe in it fully because you do not see it in there eyes? How can you truly trust in something you can not feel nor see when someone looks at you? Hmmm.. What about people who lie? Who have secrets? Did you ever ask for the truth but, that person refuses to look at you? They look at your face all around the room but never in your eyes. That is because it is hard to lie, or convince someone of something when you can not maintain eye contact. That is because people can read other people based on eye contact. I believe you also can look in someone’s eyes and see fear, danger, and manipulation. So again, i believe next time you want to see someone’s thoughts, feelings, true intentions and or interpret there feelings for you look into there eyes, YOU WILL SEE THE SOUL! And it may also tell you what you need to know!! 🙂

Have you ever met someone with a evil heart and soul? If you have not yet, chances are you will at some point in your lifetime! Learn from my PERSONAL experience!


Chances are very high in your lifetime that you will meet, fall in love, befriend or trust someone who has a evil heart and soul! Yes, these people unfortunately exist. Without giving names, titles and circumstances i want to share some insight and help others look out for people who display a characteristic trait of someone i knew in my lifetime! It is hard to believe or imagine that someone can be so evil inside, the kind of evil that enjoys and rejoices when other people are suffering. This psychotic behavior baffles me and i have only met one person in my life who displayed these kind of behaviors and i have learned a grave lesson. I want to share some clues to help others avoid someone of this nature. And put on your running shoes and run as fast as you can, never looking back!

Here are some clues to help you decipher a evil heart and soul! I wish i would have listened to my gut, trust me it gave me many clues and i fought against the strong forces that my body signaled with the flight and fight responses. I trusted and befriended a wicked soul! BEWARE these people are every day people you come across wearing a superhero mask and underneath its the devil himself!

These people can be friends, coworkers, lovers, or even a neighbor whom may display these clues as they masquerade as a kind, noble, upstanding citizen who live in a total facade!

They are experts at creating confusion and chaos, they mislead, lie, and deny reality. They slowly entangle you in a web and drag you down a dark, deep abyss. They show no remorse for the pain they inflict and never take responsibility for there actions. They feed on the suffering of others as they have no conscience and do not struggle with cominting grave sins. They try to maintain control and obsess over control of your life even when you are no longer in it! They deflect blame, they manipulate and never admit wrong doing. They seem entitled and think they can defy the law, and that they are invincible, lacking empathy. They think they are superior. They are highly immoral! It never starts out that way they make you believe they are the most gentle, generous, soft spoken highly gifted individual whom always has your best interest at heart. They almost make you believe in there fairy tale world. Until you witness the evil spawn of deceit they ensue over others not just you, in ALL others entangled in there web. You watch as people become just another commodity, and are lost in the burning hell created by one of those ensued in evil! After watching and being a part of it you cut ties and run for your life!

The words of wisdom i can share are to always go with your gut, trust your instincts and listen to your thoughts! If something is not feeling quite right it probably is not right! If you meet, befriend or are in contact with someone who displays any of those traits i mentioned think twice, three times and go with your gut avoiding them at all costs, it just may save you a great deal of problems!

But always remember this we can not control evil in others we can only be our best self! Truth and a good heart is all it takes to defy and conquer evil doings. Truth will ALWAYS win as well as a good heart! Goodness and sincerity in someone will always prevail in justice, love, and the most blessed life you can be given! I always stand by integrity, kindness, justice and GOD! xoxo