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Working My Butt Off Today 💋

Dreaming of wine drenched lips and merlot kisses ….

Slow dances

And closeness

Entangled in his arms

Whom is he

Got his scent on my mind

Need to find his soul


My mind fogged

By sensual hazziness


Lust in the air

Nothing can compare

To the fantasy

I created in my mind!

This was completely on a whim from thought to here …on a split second crazy work day 😂

Playful thoughts 💋

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

Chilling Out After A Long Day 💋

Glass of merlot, music playing …beat is good ..words better! Someone will own my heart ❤ Rocking out tonight to a great song!

Smell amazing

Kiss good 💋

Spoil me rotten

Make me your only

Be fun






Own my heart ❤

Music can put you in such a great mood

Kisses to all the beautiful bloggers out there 😘😘 sooo much love for you all!!!

I Meant It! 💋 Written By Nichole Sulpizio ❤

For those in my life past and present and future! Friendship is everything and the heart so much more! For those whom know..

I meant it when I said I cared

I meant it when I said I’d always be there

Help to heal hearts torn apart

Just like mine

Only time can show my love

Go in blind

One more time

Trust i know

As I am not perfect

Lessons learned


One by one

They came through

Promises made

Some I had to undo

There frivolous words

And careless ways

Made me distrust

It hurts to say

I have made mistakes myself

Just a few

But I promise

I won’t with you

I mean it!

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

Sometimes We Must Cut Our Losses Of The Heart ❤ And Move on!

In relationships or friendships love and respect work both ways if the balance is uneven well obviously it won’t work!

Those who know me, know my life (like most of you!) Is a juggling act! Between work and being a single mom of teens and just trying to do everything is hard! I have been strong enough to face the tough road alone because I wouldn’t settle and I won’t settle now even if the road is long and hard!

Those who don’t understand my chaotic life don’t belong in it

Those who don’t understand my heart will never know what they are missing

Those who never look in my eyes will never see the pure soul I own

Those whom never touch the softness of my lips 💋 will never have a passionate kiss

Those whom will never hold my hand will understand my strength 💪

Those who dismiss my words will never hear from me again

I think its time to say GOODBYE to some in my life who just don’t get it!

Love Hugs And Kisses

All I Can Say Is …FINALLY ❄☃️ The Pink Christmas 🎄 Tree I Always Dreamed Of!!!

Finally, things are what I always wanted pink bedrooms, pink Christmas tree, pink EVERYTHING 💗

Finally my life is mine! I live the way I want no more asking or hoping I actually LIVE!!!

Since I was a little girl I always wanted a pink room and a pink Christmas tree it may have taken a long time but I finally have it!! Dreams come true no matter how small or trival if you believe!!

Sure I may have ran out of garland whoops 😬 😅 but no worries it looks perfect to me!! Besides like I always say I don’t want perfection I WANT REAL!! And this tree is real and to me its beautiful 😍 💕

Why Is Everything So Black Or White …someone please tell me 💋

Hasn’t happened in a long time I woke up very angry trying to understand why people are the way they are and why it is rare to find truth and vulnerability be beautiful and people be honest! What’s the facade? What am missing? Why over the past 13 or so years I have met and settled for all the wrong people in friendship and otherwise?

Things don’t have to be so hard if your honest with yourself and others …let go of proving yourself to have someone love you! Be you, be real and damn just live!!

I want to have fun and surround myself with honest people…I don’t want perfection, I don’t care about past mistakes, I don’t care if your not perfect …this goes for friends and future relationships ❤

Just be you!

And say it like it is …no games I am done playing …I figured this if someone can’t be honest with me then I shut the door this time I won’t wait so long the past I have let things go on for way too long I am done with that!

This italian princess is fiesty, honest, confident, loving and real! Take it or leave it!!

To all my bloggers out there some of you have been a total gift!

Rick and Ray and Rob and Hope and Tara…these people truly love me ❤💖

Who Is He 💋

The smell of rain kissed leaves today

Left me nostalgic

Sweet smell of musk

Childhood memories

Inhaling deeply

My old home

The innocence of jumping in the leaves

Feeling free


Head spinning


From a memory I treasure

Gazing into the future


Of cottage houses

Wooden floors


Upon a tiptoe

A sound so cherished

As the smell of pine wood

Burning fireplaces


Embers float through the air

Soft wind blows

Through a tiny cracked window

Cool and crisp

Winters kiss


Macintosh apples on the counter

In a array of red beauty

The faint hint of dust sweeping

Across the bookshelves

One of which holds my poems

In there rarity

Close to my heart they belong


Looking at him

Eyes stare back

With no face


Who is he that I make love too

Under the smoke filled



Plaid quilted blanket

Seams just right



Like his body weight upon me

In its heaviness



As I lose myself

In this moment

I gaze again

Into the unknown

Eyes looking back

Who are you?

Who is he?

That belongs with me???

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved