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Sunshine xoxo Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Changing things up today, letting my heart flow and my mushy side show!


Opening the door to my heart

Just a bit more

He brought the sunshine

To my cloudy day

Wiping some painful tears away

Showed me there is a friend

Whom understands

That the world is unfair

But God is there

Timeless is he

Reminding me

People are as real as my heart believes





This man is purely beautiful

He is my sunshine!!

Seductress Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Seduces with her eyes

Plush lips

Hips and thighs

Angel scent will allure you in

Make you glad you were born a man

Closing your eyes

Trying to forget her

Knowing you can not touch her

She is everywhere inside

Your heart


Thinking of her you lose control

Of your body


Igniting a fire of pleasure and pain

Wanting her to inflict these things

At night in your dreams


She is there

Taking control of your body



You want it all

Walking in a daze

Steamy haze

Of the woman you want

That you have to have

The seductress

No other compares

Long hair

Stiletto nails

Scratching down your back

Seductive voice

You have no choice

You will make her


Her Dream Of Him…this is a duet poem with another writer and myself! ðŸ˜Š

By Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm

She Dreams Of His Lips
All Over Her Body

And His Body
Melting Into Hers

His Passionate Kisses
And His Wild Tongue

And The Taste Of
Every Inch Of Him

The Sound Of Him Whispering
Drives Her Wild

His Magical Hands
Make Her Want Him

She Craves
The Weight Of Him On Top Of Her

And Dreams Of Him
Taking Control Of The Moment
And Her Body

As He Ravages Her Repeatedly
Into Ecstasy And Makes Her
Scream “Oh God, Oh God, Yes, Yes,
Over And Over Again

While The Fury And Passion
Of Oneness Ignites A Fiery Flame
Inside Her Body And Soul,
Bonding Her To Him

And As Dawn Awakes Her
She Curses The Sun
As It Steals Her Dreams
Of Him

Copyright © 2020 Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved

Cravings Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Crave the sound of his voice

Moaning in delight

To the soft whispers in the night

Crave the taste of his tongue

Swirling around mine

Flickering softly

Lost in time

His messy hair

Tickling my face

Musk smell in the air


His hands

Gentle caress

However forcefulness


Deepest desires

Body tingling

Passionate fires

Of lust and love

Without hesitation

No fear to explore


Wanting more

Letting go

My Sighs so loud

Cries i scream like the sound of a large bell

Ringing in his ear

Taking me to heaven

As we satisfy these cravings

At least for the moment

Little Sexy and Cute things to do today! ;) xoxo

I believe it is the little things that make people happy in a relationship, here is my personal favorites!

1.) Guy’s give her your shirt to wear to bed. My favorite, he wears it all day with my favorite cologne and at night hands it to me. Does not matter if it is a button down dress shirt, a t-shirt, any will do as long as he wears it! It will remind you how attractive he is!

2.) Ladies, spritz his favorite perfume on his pillow in the afternoon so that when he goes to bed that night he smells you all night long. It will be faint and he will wonder why you are on his mind!

3.) Pack his lunch with a little post it or my favorite write on his napkin, ” I Love You” or “Can’t wait for tonight” or my favorite, ” Miss your lips, please kiss me and remind mine what they feel like”! Also leave a little red lipstick kiss on the napkin!

4.) Other then the napkin, Kiss his bathroom mirror, with red!

5.) Guy’s brush her hair! I love my long hair brushed gently, it is a amazing feeling to have your man stroke your long hair. Heaven!

6.) Ladies warm oil massages. Give your man a relaxing night at home by candlelight, soft music and you! Melt away his stress! Think how happy after a long hard day his beautiful woman gives him much needed undivided attention.

7.) Cook together! This one i have yet to but seems super sexy and cute. Pour the red, put on music, dance around the kitchen and cook side by side!

8.) Guy’s shoot her a sexy text! Use your imagination i promise we will like it!

9.) Eye contact, and more eye contact this needs no words. Look in my eyes and i melt!

10.) All the cute things, splash in puddles, get lost together, dance until midnight, kiss her for hours, picnics in the park, candlelight everything.

Kisses xoxo

Sparkles Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Watching a favorite movie and playing music this came into my thoughts!! kisses 😉 Just going with it!

She loves to shine

Like a diamond

She is made of love

Heart so full

Like a Gem

She will be your friend

This twinkle in her eye

Will not be dimmed

Gentle when she touches

Soft like a feather

You will quiver

When she touches your lips

Make your heart dance


Creating fantasy and romance

Unlike anything you ever felt

Giving her all

Never letting you fall

Wiping away all your tears




With Hopes and dreams

Take her hand

Walk in the warm sand

Between your toes

She is one in a million


Bright like the sunlight

Blinding on a warm summer day

Changing your life

Taking your heart




She sparkles