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When Worlds Collide An Affair Of The Heart!

From a single thought, an emotion, words flowed though me!

She stole his heart

From worlds apart

He dreams of her embrace

Her beautiful, delicate face

To kiss and touch her, every part

Her mind wanders, is he real

Curiosity struck

She feels stuck in this fantasy

No chance of reality

She longs to see this kindred soul

To touch and taste his sweet mouth

She closes her eyes to fantasize

What kind of man he must be

To make her dream of ecstasy

He makes her heart dance

Thoughts of magnetic romance

She is in a heated trance

Passionate flutters

This powerful force can not be torn apart

Across the seas, it was pure destiny

To create this beautiful fantasy

Of a passionate love affair of the heart!

Trapped In Attraction! ;) Written By Nichole Sulpizio 11/3/19

Her lips while not red , matched the feeling of this poem! xoxo

Her Red Lips

His Fingertips

Her Soft Skin

The Scent Of Him


There Passion Burns Within

Her Words

His Touch

They Yearn To Kiss So Much

She Speaks

He Listens

He Touches

She Feels

He Is Lost In Her

She Is Lost In Him

They Want To Be More Then Friends

She Bites Her Lip

He Pulls Back

They Feel Trapped In This Attraction

Upcoming Articles! :)

Over the next week i have some upcoming topics i hope you will find interesting! I will be writing on the power of spices and why they are good for the body. I also will be writing about living with food allergies, i personally do and want to share with you ways to deal and overcome this hard road. And last but not least, cyberstalking. This last one has personally happened to me for the last 12 years i can not give names or circumstances but will share with you my personal experience. It has been complicated and exhausting and it has affected my life! So hope you will come along and enjoy the journey with me and maybe i can help someone else with all or some of these topics! Have a great night bloggers! Hugs and kisses to all!! 🙂

Beautiful Rainy Morning On Halloween 🎃

Happy Halloween to all you bloggers, ghosts and goblins 👻. Woke to a warm rainy morning on the east coast today! Usually, I am not a huge fan of rain, however, today I went downtown to my favorite coffee shop sat looking outside the window at people in there costumes and drank a warm pumpkin coffee that tasted delightful 😊 Something warm and cozy about a coffee shop, something that makes you feel tranquil and happy! I think it’s the aromas of the coffee being brewed and the hustle of people going to work! I try to make it a point to make it to the coffee shop once a week for some downtime! So wanted to wish all the bloggers out there a Happy and safe Halloween and to enjoy anything and everything pumpkin from coffee to pumpkin donuts to apple cider! Have a great day and beware of all the ghosts, goblins tonight!! 😉 xoxo