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LOLLIPOP LIPS 👄💄 Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Poem inspired by sephora’s lipstick, “Lollipop”…that i wore yesterday xoxo

Her soft pink lollipop lips

Sparkling to be kissed



Expensive taste

Like the red wine she drinks


Ready to taste

Beautiful lady

That i call baby

Yearning shows

She glows

Like a diamond


Softly i lean in

Take her in a warm embrace

Her soft curls fall all around my face

Kiss her soft

But hard

Licking her lips


Taking charge

Giving her what she has missed

Damsel in distress

No more

Make her mine

From now until the end of time

Lollipop lips


Tonight! Written By Nichole Sulpizio

It is all coming back again! xoxo

Dark quiet room

Candles lit

Smell of winters kiss

Merlot overflow

Sipping slow

The taste of medium bodied bliss


Ready to explore


Opening all those once closed doors




The taste of freedom


Kiss me in the rain

Play with me in the snow

Dance until 2 am


Letting go

Remembering the girl

Who use to be

Playful haha

Full of energy


Back to me

😉 xoxo

Dazed Written By Nichole Sulpizio

It is time to break free! Bring back the real me, lost and allowing it..No More!!

Head spinning
Race against time
Soaked in the power of red wine
Downpour of tears
Thunder shakes the house
Glasses shatter, thrown at the wall
Immense pain
Years lost
Who am i?
Bottled up fear
Letting go
Admitting lost control
Waking up
To a new dawn
Finding myself
Walking among
The slivers of broken glass
Piercing my feet
No pain to be felt
Harder to admit defeat
Regain control
Fear set aside
Blood drips from her soul
To dance again
In the rain
No longer dazed

Fire And Desire Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Outside last night while walking the dog i smelled a burning fireplace and it took me here! Captured me 😉

The green blue and violet hue
The smell of burning birch
Burning up with desire
Flames roaring higher
His features radiated
His warm body, scorching
Gazing at him
Staring deeply into his mysterious eyes
Licking my lips
Soft sighs
The beauty of him
Slowly stroking my face
He brings me into a warm embrace
Gently kissing my mouth
Falling effortlessly
To the floor
Smoked obscured
Lungs filled with passion
His hair soaked, wet
Scratching his back
With my red tips
His voice quivers
Capturing his beauty upon me
Pleasurable state
This love unfolds
By the heat of the flames
Burning in the fireplace

Memories Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

As the music played in her head

Remembering everything they ever said

Soft whispers in the night


The ache in her heart slowly drifting away

Remembering the gentleness of a man

Softness of his strong hand

Placed perfectly all over her body

Touch like a feather

His love was truly forever

Kisses delicately placed upon her mouth

Gazing into her eyes

No disguise

Craving his caress

Grabbing her swiftly

In that moment

Lifting her in the air


Lost in that deep stare

Tightly intertwined

His arms so strong

Lost in them

Breathing rapidly

Placing her on his bed

Lost in the memories

Fuzziness in her head

Feeling every part of him

He captivates her

Loving her from this moment


Does Love Really Win Or Am I Just A Hopeless Romantic..When Worlds Collide xoxo

Does love win? Does love stand a chance when you come from two different worlds and cultures? For me, the answer is yes! Although a challenge i still believe in fate and destiny and that if love is so strong enough there will be no obstacles that can not be overcome. I believe that the heart wants what it wants and you can only fight it so long until you give in to the mercy of that ache and desire. I believe strongly that although hard you can be with someone from across the world. Sacrifice, of course, differences, of course, but for me i see it as a beautiful, wonderful, experience that only some could ever dream of! Loving him or her from another land…what beauty!!

So you might ask why do i bring this up. Okay i must admit i love the power of the heart. I love the desire to be with that special person. I also love the show 90 day finance. For anyone whom does not know what that is, i will explain.

90 day finance is a show that has americans and people abroad whom connect and talk for a long time via the internet. Once a relationship is established people from all over the world and i mean from all over the world come to america on a K1 visa and have 90 days to figure out if they are meant to be or not. If at the 90 days they are not married the visa expires and they go back to there country and its over. I must admit this show i have been watching for a long time, new season, new countries, filled with humor, love, fighting and heartbreak. I laugh a lot at the differences and smile a lot at the differences, because the differences are beautiful and unique…okay and i melt at a foreign accent xoxo They also now have americans flying abroad and having to get accustomed to life outside of the USA…it is hysterical..just this show, as it takes me away and just brightens my day…well until this episode then i sadly admit…i cried the whole time..

This episode was about a man from turkey a woman from the USA without getting into too much detail as not to bore was different cultures and family relations that tore them apart.. He had to leave her and they loved each other so much and the choices that had to be made where hurt breaking and there goodbye knowing they would never see each other again…grab the tissues because i could not stop crying…now i know the show and characters are for me a little more dramatizing..for you maybe not so much. Watching them at the airport was gut wrench for me, the pain, the tears…okay i felt it with a every fiber in me…. i am a hopeless romantic 🙂 However i have one question?

Do you do all this for love? Would you???