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Beautiful Disaster! Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

He can see the pain in her eyes

She can not disguise

The hurt

She opens up

She lets him in

With a single touch of his hand

She leans in to his body

As she trusts him so

His eyes tell her its okay

To just let go

She does not know how to show

She wants to cry in his arms

She thinks she will feel safe there

Beautiful disaster

She is in awe by his charm

The air so thick and hot


She is sweating

Burning up in her sweater

Hoping he understands

She is lost

And he is there

Unaware of how she hurts

Things so buried deep inside

She walks away to hide the tears falling from her eyes

Beautiful disaster

She feels his lust in every touch

As it takes a special guy

To open her up again

To the possibility

Of loving

She is a beautiful disaster xoxo

Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve

My Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination ❤😍

Thank You To The Beautiful ,” for nominating me”! I am truly in awe and grateful for the consideration! xoxo

I started this blog to be real and honest to others and myself, and i am so grateful to those who find beauty in my words as they are heart felt! I am humbled to hear i inspire as well as i am inspired by many on here! Thank you for reading and thank you to those who help me on this journey! xoxo

My Questions i had to answer 🙂 xoxo

1.) What is your most inspirational quote

Well my own personal quote written by me personally, is one i am learning to achieve as we speak. Here it goes!

“Live your life the way YOU want, Not how others want you to live it!”

2.) If you could change a personal experience in your life, what would you change?

This is a hard one, i have a few. I would forgive, i would let go of the resentment i have been carrying for years against my mother for a childhood that was unhealthy and that bestowed fears and anxieties within me.

3.) What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

Do we have to keep this PG? 🙂 lol My favorite thing to do to relax is go first thing in the morning to the coffee shop in the winter, sit looking out at the people shopping while sipping a warm pumpkin or peppermint coffee. And writing and reading my blog! xoxo

4.) Where would you see yourself 10 years from now?

Well not in the spot i am now thats for sure. More independent, more influential, in a loving, gentle, calm state not only within but in every aspect. Hopefully have some poetry published, and relaxing in a cabin by a fire with a glass of merlot 🙂

5.) If you had a exotic destination where would it be?

I may say, “Italy” born in the usa as well as my parents, my grandmothers siblings traveled from italy to here, one of her siblings died on the way to the united states. Therefore, i would like to visit where another part of me originates and see the beauty in my DNA. I always say, Italy, Ti Amo! Meaning italy i love you! But, i also would love to see all of europe!!! xoxo

6.) Main goals in life in 5 words.

Happiness, Healthy, Inspiring, Serenity, Success.

7.) What made you a blogger?

This one is easy, to express and get out there the person i am, in my entirety, not showing fear, showing ambitions to inspire and be inspired. To learn and reach people all over the world. To live a dream i had of finally getting some poetry out there, and to converse with unique and beautiful people! xoxo

8.) Who is your musical influence?

Linkin Park, yes i am a rock chick 🙂 Although the main leader committed suicide he was very open in his music about pain. The expressions of sadness and fear made him the most popular artist in 2000. He would combine hip hop, and many layers of rock aka as alternative and industrial and his words would echo through me. I found relief in my own sorrows when i listened to him! His music made me strong and holding on though trying times in my life!

9.) What is the best goal in the world i ever achieved?

Having 3 beautiful kids! And graduating medical assistant school with a GPA of 4.0 i did not score anything under a 99 for 18 months of school!

10.) If there is something in your life that you would have done differently what would it be?

Following my heart more, not being so afraid to fail. Not worrying what others think and not living to please everyone else!

11.) If i wrote a novel what would it be about?

It would be about a desire and passion and love between two people who are worlds apart! About hunger and lust and attraction and the hurdles that where in there way. It would be about longing and pain but in the end they would find there way! The separation became too much for two hearts that where burning up with needing each other!

Here are some of the bloggers i think make a difference, wish i could put everyone as everyone on this blog is unique and talented! xoxo

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Here are my questions for you?

1.) Who is your favorite author or poet?

2.) Are there any bridges in life you would want to burn or change?

3.) At this very moment what fear is holding you back from a happier life, more success, or person?

4.) In a few words how would you describe your inner self?

5.) What mistake have you made that you learned from?

6.)What makes you smile, feel passionate and alive?

7.)Are you truly happy in the place you are now or are you living life for someone else?

8.) Cat person or dog person or neither and why?

9.) I love this one, someone once said to me in conversation, what would people say at your funeral about you? So what would they say about you?

10.) If a genie granted you 3 wishes what would you wish for?

11.) If you had one last chance to show the world who you are on your blog what would you post about?


Tell Her 💋💘💜

Tell Her :

You love her

You like her

You adore her

You appreciate her

You need her

You think about her

Listen to her

Hold her tight

Run to her

Be gentle




Kiss her

Do not let obstacles stand in your way

Brush her hair

Touch her cheek

Be her best friend

The moment you don’t someone else will. And then you will wish you would have done all of the above! Just a little food for thought 😉

He Is Beautiful! written by Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Nothing big just a thought of words that came together!

He is beautiful

His voice is gentle like a harp

She heard it once

It was music to the heart

The very essence of this man

She fell under his command

He is beautiful

Lost in pleasure and in sight

Her body controlled


Sheets soaked with passionate sweat

For it is his name she will never forget

He is beautiful

Beautiful man!

Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve

Caged! Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Locked inside his own mind of desire

Is it a crime

To hunger

For her touch

This woman he misses so much

He see’s her face in his dreams

And when he wakes his heart starts to break

She is so far away

Never to be seen

He hurts

Pain, agony

He is caged

He know not the sound of her voice

Not by choice

To be kept from her

Promises made

Not to be broken

Exchange of rings

However fate has spoken


The power of lust

The heart beats loudly

To the thump of her name

He is caged

Her soft skin

Green eyes

It is no disguise

It is her that he wants

He wants all of her now

He will free himself of this cage

Even if the world burns up in flames xoxo

Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve

Time For Winter… Brrrrr ;

Time for Hot Cocoa and marshmallows ;

Hey, fellow bloggers it is freezing where I am so going out to Christmas shop and grab some warm hot cocoa 😊 Hoping everyone out there stays warm and snuggled inside if it’s cold where you are! Thinking fireplaces and snowy nights, apple cider and toasted marshmallows too! Have a nice weekend to all of you, everywhere 😘

Man In The White Coat ;) Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Man in the white coat

Curiosity has struck me

With every gentle stroke

So bold, robust

But beautifully pleasant


Someone i can trust

You captivate me with confusion

Amazing in accomplishments

Subtle in ego

We lock eyes

Yours gleem in delight

Wide and bright

I get lost in them

So much insight

Of How your smile speaks a thousand words

Without your lips whispering a sound

Witty and smart, you tug at my heart

Feeling your body close to me

Your heart beats hard and loud

As i feel your touch, gentle but firm

You pull me into you

As i let myself go

Feel my body melt with yours

As close as i can

Without someone noticing what we feel is magic


Something there we can not deny nor hide

Pleasure and chemistry

Without even a second thought

Of how i want to kiss you and show you something you have never felt

Passion in the most intense way

Let me take your body away

To a place of sensuality and desire

I will make your body burn up with passionate flames of desire

Man in the white coat

I will kiss your lips softly

With a gentle bite

Stroking your hair

And pulling it but light

Look into your eyes

As i pull you close to me

Feel your body quiver in ecstasy

Get lost in me

Is this fantasy or reality

Tell me

Are you afraid

Am I

To embrace on this dark side

To take a chance on romance

Fear of the unknown

Or fear of never exploring

The possibility of something so passionate



Who are you man in the white coat


Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve

Just A Romantic Thought ❤

On a cool night, sipping a red merlot, cooking a warm hearty dinner, playing soft music ,I felt let’s say very romantic 😉 I do not know if others would agree but it came to me, a nice thought! A snowy winter night in a log cabin by candlelight, music playing a dry wine by a warm lit fireplace, with someone just letting go! Feeling passionate, and affectionate and looking at the white snow! It was a thought that crossed my mind on this cool night of how life under many stressors we still can have many beautiful moments! I’d figured I’d share my thoughts of fantasy and or reality and give that cool night many of us are experiencing tonight a little romantic twist! This is not truly a blog post however it was a beautiful thought I wanted to share as in all of us there is romantic thoughts and passions brewing I am just someone who shares my intimate thoughts xoxo

Arrow Straight Through The Heart! Written By Nichole Sulpizio

This just came to me tonight, felt it, ran with it xoxo

Right from the start she stole his heart

Before he could even blink

His mind confused


Fear, trembling

His heart racing

Pulse, pulsating

The effect she had on his body

There are no words

No replacing

It was a arrow straight through the heart

He never felt a longing, so strong

In such a way

Needing her touch every day

She was in his dreams

Constant thoughts

No matter how hard he tried to forget her

Pushing his feelings aside

He would try to deny there was anything between them

Fate was out of his control


He fantasized

And realized

She was everything he needs and wants

It was a arrow straight through the heart!!


Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve

Flutters Of The Heart! Written By Nichole Sulpizio

His Words

His Passion

The Sentimental Reactions

Made Her Heart Flutter In Delight

Attraction Of Curiosity



Longing To Feel His Body In The Night

Dreams Of His Lips

His Strong Embrace

His Sensual Kiss

Burning Up Inside Her Body

With Strong Flames Of Desire

Then In This Passionate State

One Mistake

Whisked Away With One Unspoken Word

Like A Candle Blown Out By The Wind

Never To Feel That Flutter Again

Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve