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An Introduction to my fabulous and chaotic world!

My name is nichole my family and friends refer to me as princess :), nikki , (that is my preference) and sparkles. Sparkles originates from my late father in law who upon meeting me for the first time and ( every time there after) noticed i wore glitter in some way shape or form or i wore something that sparkles. From there on out i was branded and blessed with my new nickname, SPARKLES! I also have been called recently, Angel and The Italian princess as well as Jersey!!

Today i am at the young age of 47 okay so that’s middle age but 40 something in 2020 is young, hip, fulfilling, stressful and chaotic, but that,s okay everyday is a blessing! Life is beautiful although it comes with many obstacles, challenges, and immense struggles but mostly and importantly life is full of rewards. Myself i went back to school in my 30’s to earn a degree in the medical field. After countless hours of studying with a school age son and two toddlers I became a certified medical assistant and worked in dermatology for over 8 years. I assisted in surgical procedures and met some wonderful patients. I can honestly say it is amazing how your patients become such a part of you and your life, they touch and embrace you daily it is a very rewarding career. Loving and leaving this career was a very hard decision one which i had to make after a lot of thought, consideration, and circumstances that were out of my control. But more on that later. I have three beautiful children and two of the most precious grand babies! I’am the oldest of 5 siblings. Some of which make life so much better and are there if i need them and likewise. One brother and 3 sisters, many wonderful nieces and nephews, Godchildren, and so many and i mean MANY extending family as of a Italian descent, there are so many cousins and second cousins i could write a page on just that. God has blessed me. I also love the color pink, love pizza, fine red wine, sunflowers and my dad. In my spare time i enjoy writing poetry and blogging. Writing has become one of the strongest passions i have ever had!

My Oldest son is 23 he is not only successful but strong, intelligent, and a handsome man who also happens to be a wonderful father. This boy i raised has became this man. In the blink of a eye i went from changing diapers to him receiving his bachelors in a year and striving to become a investment banker. At this time he is raising two toddlers with the help of his pretty finance while going to school, interning, and working part time this is truly success at its finest. I am a proud mommy to say the least!

My second son is 17 going into his junior year. He is a wonderful, beautiful young man. He has had to work very hard to achieve his goals he has severe ADHD making things very challenging for not only him but the family. It has been a long hard road and one we are still riding. ADHD shows no mercy thus one of the reasons i left my career. More on that later as well. If i can say one thing with the heartbreak that ADHD can cause my son is much more then ADHD . He is charismatic and loving and his goal is to own his own business he has thrifty knowledge on buying, selling, trading, i forsee a luderative business in his future. And let it be known when he smiles and is happy it fulfills my heart.

Then there is my little pretty princess my only daughter. She is a angel with a teenage attitude( yay 15). Both intelligent and wise above her years she is going into her sophomore year with honors she works very hard to uphold a high GPA. My daughter is about success and academics and as many sports as she can play. Since she was 5 she has wanted to be a surgeon i can see that the path she is on is one of success and admiration.

My grand babies are 4 and 1 let me say they are the epitome of perfection! My life is full of joy since God blessed me with being a mom-mom.

We have a dog named harley and a hamster named nugget as well as 12 fish. Needless to say i’am not a big dog lover but i am however a big animal lover. I have my own little zoo 🙂

My goal for this blog is to talk about life, love, divorce, career challenges, kids with challenges, esp. but not limited to ADHD. Being 40 middle age but fun, flirty, fantastic, a working mother and just holding up in today’s balancing act juggling all of the above. There are also many more topics, life experiences some good and some that will definitely intrigue you. This is my first time sharing my life i hope to take you on this journey with me. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

Insomnia Written By Nichole Sulpizio

1 am

Lost again

Blinded by the glare through the glass

Quiet roads

She stares

In her red satin gown

No slumber tonight

Yet another unsettled night

Aching in desire

For him

Covers thrown around

White fluffy pillows on the ground

Tossing and turning for hours

Listening to the harsh wind howling

Like her moans in unison

He is absent

To late to call him

Missing his voice

She has no choice

But to lose herself in fantasy

Dreaming of his magical hands

Exploring her



Repeating his name


She screams

Cravings so strong

She can not hold on

Much longer

She cries

Hoping he hears her

In the darkness of the night


Begging for him to

Come quench her desire!

Hold Me Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Fear inside


She cries


Her body longing for touch

By his hands

She yearns so much

Smell of musk

Faint on his skin

Sandalwood and cedar

She dreams of falling into his arms

Promises he whispers to keep her safe and warm

From the beasts whom inflict harm

Sadness and pain

Strong is he



He loves her at night


Gently kissing her mouth

Pulling her close to him

He is king

She is his queen

Skin to skin

The pleasure he brings

Loving her delicate body


She falls in love with him

As he holds her snug and tight

Every night

She is held!

Aching Written By Nichole Sulpizio


When it gets too much

I dream of your touch

You kissing my neck

Playing with my hair

Coconut smell

Praline and pear

The gravitation of your stare

Your soft lips on mine


Lost in time

Bubble gum kisses

Tasty and sweet

Settle for one day of this decant treat


Not over the phone

Not fantasizing alone

Your soft voice

Accent in my ear

Whispering my name

So closely only i can hear

Feel the softness

Blown on my skin

Each exhale

While i lie on your chest

Your arms tightly wrapped around me

Love from you surrounds me

Healing the ache in my heart

Past mistakes

That tore it apart

To feel a mans embrace

The stubble of your beard

Tickling my face


You give me what i have missed





Showing me this is love

A gentle man

Halo above

The solider who will save me from myself

Taking me

Making me his

Not giving me to anyone else



The Taste Of Freedom Written By Nichole Sulpizio

This was several years ago but the freedom i felt then is something i will never forget! It tastes almost as good as how i feel now! xoxo

Black beast

Summer heat

Pop Pop

Engine roars

My heart beats


Ready to explore

Jump aboard

On the back i ride

Looking up at the clear sky

Fast track to heaven

Holding on

Playing my favorite song

Sun shines on my face

Taking me to that special place

Wind blowing my long platinum hair

Bandana in place

Black boots

No cares

But the taste of freedom

Leaning back

Letting go

Birds chirp

Trees blow

Water sparkles

The sea is blue


Feeling free

Flying high

Letting go!!

Dance Again Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Be Free…Live Free!

As the music played

Her hips swayed


To each beat

Smoke filled

Swanky place

Chic is she

Lost in the sound

Of her body

Eyes closed

Glitter falling on the dance floor

Letting go of all she knows

Neon lights above

Radiating her body

Red dress snug like a glove

Skin glistening with sweat

They all watched


By her hips

Captivating is she

They applaud

In awe

Watching her be free

Lost in the night

Dawn will be not welcomed

As she will dance

Again and again!

Just a quick thought tonight! 💋

The most beautiful thing about a person is there heart! 💝💖

For me looks and money are not the most important thing! I think the most beautiful thing about a man is his Compassion! Passionate and compassionate men are a diamond and they surely can make my heart sparkle!

A accent surely helps too! 😍

And men this works both ways if you have a lady or know a lady whom is full of gentleness and love and wants to give you everything…never let her go!!


Midnight Dreams Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Sitting alone at night


Mind slowly drifting

To that beautiful place

He dreams of her

Kissing her soft lips

The scent of her long hair

Falling everywhere

Down her back

Her body close to his


Like the scent of her coconut kiss skin



Delicate is she

Ruffle socks

Below the knee

Cute bows

Glittery toes

Like an angel in the dark

Illuminating his heart

Fireworks explode in his head

Taking his breath away


The tone of her voice


He screams her name

Never having a choice

He has to have her

Tonight in his dreams