Awareness On Concussions!

Hey everyone, just want to bring some awareness to the table for those not in the medical field. I speak first hand, honestly, without reservation, concussions are serious. Speaking from a present situation, this is my first concussion and it is totally inhibiting my life. I want to spread awareness on this condition briefly and honestly. On the outside i may look okay, normal, perfect, you may not see injury with your eyes. You wont see bandages, blood, bruises, BUT that is only a misconception, do not let that mislead you. The injury is on the inside the part you can not see. This is a brain injury. It is causing havoc and fear for me and others in my shoes. Please be kind, understanding to those with this condition. You can not see our injury but it is there and it is horrific and painful. Speaking currently with a concussion, there is nothing normal about this. There is constant headaches, nausea, slurred, delayed thoughts and speech. There are wrong words and cognitive issues. There is an intolerance to heat and cold, to music, screens, laptops, lights, and tv and stress. Please be understanding no one asks for this and we can not control or alter it, we live with it and hope it soon will end. You do not realize how tough things are, how they are magnified, with a concussion until you have one. I want to be me again! Loud music, bright lights, and no nausea to fight! If i play music it must be low and for a short period. Screen time brief, and with consequences. Just some awareness to those who never had this happen, and if you know someone who does be patient with them. Personally, i hope no one has to know. I will survive this, but for now i hope to heal quickly! Night Bloogers πŸ™‚

Love Myself some 80’s 90’s music to put me in a good mood!

Only you 40 somethings will understand this! Tonight, i feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and when i do, i go back to some of my favorite years. My Youth! High school was fun for me. I made some wonderful friends ,some that are still in my life! Tara!! πŸ™‚ Lasting memories that i will have forever!! But , My junior year was the best year of my life, besides having my kids and grand kids, it was one of happiest years of my life! 1989 to 1990 God it just makes me smile! So much fun!! So tonight when i feel the weight of life weighing on me, i play a little soave, and coro and noel. Again you 40 somethings will know and if not remember, soave, crying over you, coro, where are you tonight my love, and noel, silent morning. and lets not forget cynthia and johnny O dream boy and dream girl. And who can forget chris isaak. Ahhhhh…relief and who can forget SNAP?? πŸ˜‰ Thank you 17 and thank you to all those friends that made my high school years the best!! I love and miss you guys!!!!

Only a mom can understand! A mothers chaotic world!

We start our days bright and early, 5 am to be exact. We have kids, pets, jobs, parents, appointments, phone calls, life is so chaotic we never stop. Does not matter if we are dealing with diapers, all night feedings, or toddlers to teens. Moms are superheros to our kids, and we have to wear that cape proud! We pamper, love and realize our kids are our world! We may be exhausted, want to cry, relax at times but to be a good mom means countless nights of no sleep, from birth to eternity aka from all night feedings at birth to staying up all night making sure they are where they are supposed to be. Being a mom, means no sleep, no money because we give it all away to give our kids, πŸ™‚ and constant worry. Does not matter there age the reality is they can be 2,10, 15, 18, or in there 20’s, though there 50’s they are our babies, we made them, we love and live for them! The biggest accomplishment in life is loving, and having successful, kids and if if i have done that in my chaotic world it was completely worth it, because those kids made my life maybe chaotic but complete!

Never Be Sorry For :

Be Yourself, there is one like you and you are unique. Be who you are and be proud of what you are, screw society, never impress anyone BUT YOU! If you look in the mirror and you like what is looking back be proud no one else can see your intentions if they are indeed truthful take pride in that truth. No mask, do not be fake, speak your mind and be different, its okay to be different. That makes you well, YOU! Be the real you, if someone does not love you for you, they need not be in your life, live for your beliefs not the ones others think you need to believe in! Refuse to settle whether in a relationship, career, speak your mind!

Follow your dreams, believe and trust in them do not ignore fate. Do not live with regret or fear. If you love someone say it, say it LOUD! Say it so loud that the world can hear it πŸ™‚ if you have a dream that someone belittles or tries to sabotage rid them of your life. Negativity will ruin even the strongest making them wilt and fail, be positive. Never let anyone tell you that your dreams are wrong, if someone tries to control your dreams, holds you back, makes it hard for you to succeed, rid them of your life . Never live someones life, live yours!

Be grateful, be strong, confident but meek. Do not boast, let your actions speak for you. Seeing success verses hearing it speaks louder. Mediate, eat well, okay most days that is. Never deny yourself anything food, love, comfort, closeness, fun, everything in moderation as long as it can not hurt you or others is good for you and your well being. Pray, get a massage, exercise, kiss someone for hours, call a friend, roll in the grass, listen to the rain, smile. Love those in your life no matter who says you should not, do not let anyone dictate the heart the heart is not the mind it speaks the truth!!!

If a relationship is based on fear, is toxic, prevents you from being you,it can be a spouse, a significant other, a friend, a parent, leave, rid them of your life. No one has the right to control you, make you fear or apologize. Do not let toxic in if you have toxic and can not be freely you without reservation, rid them for they are toxic. Be with those who want you to succeed, let you live your truth, support and admire who you are. Truth will always win. Jealously will lose. Love those who push you to succeed, who celebrate in your accomplishments, who smile because you smile. If you have this in a spouse, significant other, parent or friend, hold them close and never let them go, for they are the diamond in the rough! And as i like to say both will sparkle and thrive!!!

40 is Fabulous!! ;)

Whoever stated the term age is just a number was a 100 percent accurate. We know 40 as the so called dreaded , “MIDDLE AGE”. The midlife crisis years, yes, i once at 39 cried knowing i was turning the dreaded 40, however, the 40’s have been good to me. Sure, i have the normal everyday maladies that each one of us in the human race have however, there is a certain aura that differs in your middle years that helps to change who you are and what you see as important. Sure, these years we may see our first gray hairs, maybe some of us see a wrinkle or two, then there are the lovely mammograms and colonoscopies,, ” Oh what a delight!” It also means we are half way in the grave, half way to 80, oh my did i just say that? πŸ™‚ But brush it off, 40 is FABULOUS!!!!

As i see it and some may beg to differ, i see confidence, security, we know what we will tolerate, who we are, and what we will not tolerate. We stand proud of beliefs and stand firm. We do not feel the need to impress anyone including but not limited to family, friends, and better yet men! We spent our 20’s trying to impress the world, some of us focused on families, careers and trying to maintain our youth and grow up at the same time. Our 30’s we married possibly divorced and remarried. We started to learn our mistakes and not repeat them, raised our kids and hung onto the years we regretted not making certain moves or trying something new, or settling because we thought we had too. But hang on if your not there or you are 40, one bit of advice hang on and enjoy the ride 40 something is a adventure embrace it, love it, learn from it. 40 is fun, Fantabulous, flirty, and unforgettable!!

In these years your self esteem is at all time high! Your probably settled in your career and if your not go get it, i am learning its never to late. It is only too late when we die!! At this age we pick our friends forget about facebook, social media, aka how many likes, how many friend requests, at this age we pick are friends and hold them close, we also find the ones we let slip away. We learn what matters, and are aware time is precious and not given. We do not waste time on nonsense, and people who are not worth it. We also learn what truly matters and what is superficial and not worth holding onto. Let me provide a example. My family and close friends know this story. Here it goes.

When i was 17 years old i was a senior in high school. I was picked by a modeling agency in NY to model swimsuits. I was flabbergasted, delighted, insanely excited about the possibilities this door would open into. Sadly, my mother cut this dream off before i had a chance to explore them. POOF my dreams went down the toilet, i held this against her pretty much until now. And i even still sort of still do, she did not let me pursue who i was and what i was meant to do, however , although with much arguing from my father in my corner she did not budge, If you knew my mother you would understand. After she did this i settled for one trip of modeling in a mall fashion show, did a modeling video, and became a short lived hooters girl, and then said screw it. But that does not matter now i realize at 40 yes, although some dreams some things get screwed up we are who we are and no one and nothing can stop us if we want something. My point is at 17 and even up until now modeling, and looks while important are superficial, at 40 we are established, secure, confident, and even if we cant wear that tiny bikini anymore, we turn just as many heads, if not a whole lot and did i say ALOT more heads when we enter a room not because our midriff is out but because our beauty is in our face, our demeanor, our confidence, our sexuality, and knowledge and experience, our younger counter parts wish like we once did that they rocked the confidence that being in your 40’s means!! I never felt so beautiful then i do now, and i am sure you 40 somethings agree, these are the best years enjoy them, embrace them!! BECAUSE…..


Concussions Stink!!!

Hey guys, just want to say bear with me, i was diagnosed with a concussion and it literary just happened because someone ran a red light and totaled my car with my husband and me inside. This happened simultaneously with starting my new blog. I can not stare at the screen long and this is affected my whole life however, I have so many upcoming articles i can not wait to share so please be patient and hang in there i can not wait to post some inspiring articles and blog about many things. So many things to write and share. I will try my best to get something out there this week and btw concussions stink!! Wear your seatbelt and always be on the look for careless drivers, they can change your life in a minute!! NIGHT πŸ˜‰

For My Ladies out there subtle signs he is “INTO YOU”!

Hey girls, pulled from many objective studies and personal experience, body language says it all. Wondering if he is into you, some sure fire signs he is!! Take note πŸ™‚

1.) Stares at you. Not just your eyes but your whole face. 2.) Eye contact, even while talking to others. 3.) His feet point towards you, his body points towards you, he mimics your movements subconsciously. 4.) Licks his lips, well that is a no brainer duh πŸ˜‰ 5.) Has to touch you, either gently on the arm, touch you lightly on the back, or is bold and confident to give you a hug. Touching you is a clear indication he is well, “INTO YOU”! 6.) Dilated pupils, look at the eyes ladies as they are the window to the soul!! 7.) Man spreading, yes, it is a thing, it means he is showing his manhood by facing you with confidence πŸ™‚ and who does not like a man with confidence!! 8.) Leaning in, no not for a kiss πŸ™‚ just to hear and listen better if he leans in ladies he wants to hear every word. 9.) Shows his teeth when he smiles, clear indicator men do not show there teeth, but can not help it when they like you. 10.) Runs his fingers though his hair, fixes his shirt, making sure he is at his best and can attract you. See ladies if they try, if they do all these things and laugh at your silly jokes well, they just might be that, INTO YOU!!