Goodness in someone is a virtue and is righteous!

Hey everyone, i HAVE so MANY things to blog about in the near future! So many things that i think will be interesting, enlightening, and intriguing and just plain honest! But tonight, i leave this honest message!

Always be a good person! A truly good person is someone who is good when no one is watching. No facade, does not have to pretend, or mask who they are! Just someone who has a good heart and soul.

Be kind, gentle, meek and honest! Love your kids, spouse, significant other, your parents, siblings and family and your friends. Love your neighbor and be kind to everyone you meet. Life is short, tell everyone you love that you love them, tell those you think about ,that you think of them. Tell those that you want to know ,that you want to know them, do not let fear hold you back!

Show compassion, forgiveness, i myself need to work on this i have a ton of compassion always have. I use to think it was a flaw but now i am proud of it, however, even when i forgive i let to much time go by before i tell the person i forgive you. Admit your mistakes, learn, move on. Defeat your failures, challenge yourself. Do not let someone tell you you cant, because you can! I wanted to do this blog, no one could tell me no or that it was stupid, a waste of time, if i reach one person i have succeeded! And honestly, i have succeeded already in myself for doing this for the past month and enjoying every second of getting out there how i think, how i feel, and that we all have trials and craziness and joy in life! šŸ™‚ We are human, we all error, we all bleed the same color!!

Money is not everything, success is more then money! Success is healthy, happy kids that are loving and kind! Success is that job you worked so hard to get, That man or woman you married, that woman or man you are still loving at this very moment!

Bring peace to the world, to everyone, let go of hate! Smile! šŸ™‚ Unite nations, people, love GOD, for those who love GOD love others! Be healthy, happy, rich or poor, just have a good heart and be thankful! Some of us may have it easier then others, some may have it harder then others, before you frown on someone walk a mile in there shoes! Do not live in regret, you can be poor and rich in spirit, or rich and be poor in spirit! Just remember manners, dignity, and kindness to our plant and living things And if you are truly good and loving you will always have more in life then those that fill there life with hate!! Love is truly a gift!! Hug someone, kiss someone, tell someone thank you and or just smile and make someone smile back!! šŸ˜‰

Sleep Together? Or Sleep Apart? For all you sleep deprived couples this article is for YOU!!

Does your partner keep you up all night, hogging the covers, snoring, talking in there sleep? Do you have a sleep deprived hang over the next day trying to figure out how to drag yourself though the day on a enough caffeine that could kill a elephant? Or almost over dose on tylenol so the pounding in your head will just stop? Well, i live those days most days! My advice, my preference, sleep apart! Statistics show up to 40% of married couples sleep alone. No, it is not a sign of relationship issues, to me a healthy relationship does not fall apart because two people do not share the same bed. If anything lack of sleep and cranky husbands or wives or significant others causes relationship woes under these pretenses. Do not let the stigma of not sleeping together determine you relationship. I believe quality sleep is better then quantity!

My personal preference is a quiet, dark room that is cool. My husband likes the tv on at high volumes to drown out sound. We clash and neither gets rest on nights he sleeps next to me. Now, do i enjoy the security of having a big strong man next to me, of course! I never feel safer then when he is lying there next to me, however i am a much happier more productive woman on nights i sleep alone! Now, my husband would chose to be sleep deprived forever because he prefers knowing i am there at any cost, but a little sleep apart does him just as much good too!!

Look at what a lack of sleep can do, lack of sleep causes depression, physical and psychological aliments, decreased immune system, and it is a romance killer to say the least. Think about your sleep this way it regulates hormones, now, think of all the arguments you can have when your hormones are disrupted! I know when i am tired i am argumentative! So here it is for pete sakes get some shut eye however that must be. And honey, i love you but tonight i am sleeping alone! And for now i am over dosing on caffeine, took some tylenol, and with a take it on the chin attitude, i am dragging myself to work, looking forward to that slumber tonight alone!! Hope everyone takes this advice and gets some much needed ZZZZZZ’s!!!! šŸ™‚

Meet Our New Addition To Our Family, NUGGET!

The new addition to the hoover household! :0 My daughter’s new hamster, nugget! She is so adorable! Friendly, loving, cuddling, and she loves to be held and does not bite. She is tiny and soooo fun to watch!! If anyone out there ever wants a hamster i suggest the, chinese dwarf hamster! Esp. if you have children, from what i understand and have witnessed myself these little guys and girls are gentle and loving and playful and do not bite! I would not recommend them for small children as these little babies are delicate and need to be handled delicately. But, if you have older children it is a great idea for teaching responsibility and it will keep them entertained for hours! Honestly, i personally love the smaller creatures more so then dogs. This little girl was a nice addition to our home, and i ‘am so glad she is here, and personally i want another one, just saying!!! šŸ™‚

To All My Stressed Out Mommies and Daddies Out There, I Got You!

The clock says at this very moment that it is 8:41 pm. So i think to myself, okay choices, decisions, do i get ready for bed because 5 am comes quickly, or do i try to take a minute to savor some time of this day/night that i will never get back. As a mom of 3 time is of the essence. I am a working mommy of a 23 yr old and two teens. I thought the toddler years where hard, let me tell you that was a cake walk compared to 2 teens 18 months apart. I work part time but my full time job is, RUNNING non stop for two teens that require my full attention! I’am as you other FULL time parents are and i quote, a taxi cab, a doctor, a therapist, a maid, and then some. Between all there appointments, schooling, activities, counseling, i feel like i need a vacation! Since vacations are hard to come by, well, because us parents can not just get up and go, because that requires babysitters, dog sitters and fish sitters as well as some other small creatures. I light candles, drink red wine and listen to music at 9 pm šŸ™‚ I say take me away until that alarm goes off at 5 am to start the process all over again! With that said i would not trade the moments my kids say, mom, you are the best, you always are there! I Love you! And They all do, everyday! šŸ™‚ From the 23yr old to the teens those words get me though the stress, the tears, the tiredness, and the worry! Because as a mommy, all you do is worry! And no amount of the most expensive wine can take the worry away from the love you have for your kids at any age!! Sometimes i wish i could go back to the toddler years so i could shield them from all the pain and the stress this world can give, but since i cant, i hope and pray that all the love and guidance i have shown them will be enough! And for me it is after 9 and that wine is soothing and the music is soothing and i think about the days events and tomorrows challenges and say, I CAN DO IT! It may not be easy, But I can do it, the same way i have for the last 23 years. Someday, i will miss it!! Someday this will all be memory and they will all be grown with kids of there own, and i will remember all those days i thought i would not make it another second, only to miss all the chaos and craziness that those beautiful kids of mine brought to my life! I love you, nicholas, dylan, mandy!

To all My Coffee Lovers out there!

Good morning to everyone šŸ™‚ If you are like me and you just have to have that cup of joe in the morning before starting your day. Well, i have some new keurig coffee you may enjoy. Most of the time i enjoy a good wawa coffee or a starbucks coffee, who can compete with that, really? Good coffee, fresh coffee, there is no real competition. I love the smell of walking in a coffee shop and the smell of fresh brewed coffee just awakenings my senses…ahhhhh.. It is just a huge stress relief when that aroma is in the air. I love that smell even more so in the fall and winter. Nothing like sitting in a coffee shop on those cold mornings šŸ™‚ Especially in pumpkin season, there is nothing like pumpkin coffee or peppermint coffee!!! And for those days before work that i just can not make it to grab that cup of joe, i found something delish. It is neapolitan coffee and just like it sounds, yes, it smells and tastes like your favorite ice cream šŸ™‚ Your taste buds will thank you! And the smell of ice cream in a coffee pot is a delight to any coffee drinker. It is not real sweet, it is decant. If there is a bath and body works near you stop in and grab, Victor allen’s coffee, it will say ice cream shop. It will say that because it comes in banana split, salted scotch and butter pecan as well as the neapolitan. Well, hope you all try this delish coffee soon! On my way to work, hope everyone has a good day out there!! šŸ™‚

The Power Of Red Lipstick!

Any women, young, middle age or older can be fierce wearing red lipstick. Red lipstick makes a statement, it stands for I’am in charge, fearless, confident, vibrant, sexy and powerful. Red lips draw attention to the mouth of those wearing it, it makes others listen, and those wearing it empowered! Never be afraid to wear a shade of red, softer shades during the day, glossy can be good and deeper reds at night to make a bolder statement. I think it is sexy to see a red lip stain on a wine glass or mans collar šŸ˜‰ Try different reds to match to your skin tone. There is a red for every skin tone! Keep in mind red lipstick is a whole outfit so keep your cheeks and eyes in a neutral tone, however never forget your sparkle and a little glitter on the face goes with everything! šŸ™‚ You will know what red is best for you when you find it!! My personal favorite is inexpensive and is a rich red by, ELF. It is a matte and i can add gloss to it!! It pairs perfectly with NARS orgasm blush that i buy at sephora. It is the perfect combo. Perfect for day and or night. Stays when kissing!! šŸ˜‰ now who can compete with that!!! Try it, be bold, be pretty, be powerful, be a confident woman, wear RED!!! xoxo

Christmas In July!

Told my husband this year this is what i want, pretty in pink christmas tree, all done up in bows and ribbons. I have never liked anything in life ordinary , so why start now šŸ™‚ I believe in BOLD, EXTRAVAGANT , and FUN!!! It is okay to think about christmas in july and my daughter said, “mom always be true to yourself”! And this is totally me!!!! šŸ˜‰

Sometimes we just need to say thank you!

Thank you to all of those people who put there lives on the line everyday. Life is so hectic sometimes, so stressful and overwhelming that we forget to stop and remember those who fight for our freedom, protect us and keep us from harm, and save us in emergencies. Thank you to all our law enforcement, service men and woman and all our fireman. Thank you for your service and dedication and support!