Your Never Too Old Too :)

1.) Jump in a pile of leaves 2.) Do a cartwheel ( yes, before my car accident i still could and so can you šŸ˜‰ just be careful! 3.) Jump in rain puddles 4.) Make out in a car 5.) Dance all night long 6.) Color in a coloring book 7.) Jump on a trampoline 8.) Fall madly in love again 9.) To dream 10.) Make those dreams come true 11.) Have a secret crush 12.) Eat ice cream for dinner 13.) To hug your mom or dad 14.) Enjoy and love the zoo 15.) Kiss under the stars 16.) Go back to school 17.) Watch scary movies 18.) Swing on a swing 19.) Slide down a slide 20.) To love mushy christmas movies and mostly you are NEVER TO OLD TO START ALL OVER!! šŸ™‚

In Much Need OF Energy, Hugs And Smiles! Or Just More Caffeine And Wine!

Feeling so overwhelmed today, Everything is just ALL wrong! Trying to stay focused and positive, but, i can not seem to find the energy! Like other REAL parents, working parents, we try so hard to keep up with everything that we neglect taking time for ourselves when that is just the remedy we need. I need to make changes and i am working in that direction because staying the same is keeping things stagnant and i am not a stagnant type of woman. I like passionate, happy, people and things, and dislike people who always frown, or are just plain boring, and lifeless! I like others have a lot on my plate with two teens, a ex husband who does not help, leaving me to do it all, a ton of appointments, as well as clients, and a marriage that is in serious trouble. Sometimes, i feel like i am spinning, and my life is out of my control! So i go from caffeine to wine, when i think i just need hugs and smiles!

I truly have not had a deep, affectionate hug in awhile and did not realize how much i miss them! I do, however, have many appointments for my car accident and i have one office that everyone in there just makes me smile! They are so cheerful and happy and i wish i could have been there today because a big cheerful smile would have done my heart good!! So for now i will settle for caffeine and wine, BUT, i am looking forward to a big smile, and maybe at some point a big hug!! xoxo

Food For Thought! ;)

Mean what you say, say what you mean, say it loud! Be sassy, but classy! Be honest, never regret a single thought or word! Keep it real! Keep smiling and keep trying! Bat your long eyelashes and wear red lipstick! Be flirty and fun, just keep it tasteful! Wear stilettos, but keep yourself grounded! Rock confidence, but be humble! Be who you are inside and out because that person is unique and beautiful!

Tranquil Night! :)

Tonight, it is just my daughter and i and the dogs. These nights are far and few between, a rarity! It has been a pretty calm day and i am basking in the serenity of peace as we speak! For dinner, i made chicken burritos, absolutely delish, and of course made with antibiotic free chicken and olive oil butter with omegas. I had the music turned up and was dancing in the kitchen while i cooked. My favorite thing to do! šŸ™‚ Complete calm and fun! I love these nights of peace and fun as i am a fun, loving , passionate woman who hates boredom and negativity and chaos!

Someone once asked me, what my biggest fear in life was, my response, not living! I believe in life we get one, we need to live it to the fullest, live what makes us happy and leave what does not, have no regrets, and be yourself, and do not settle! Try new things, go with that person that makes passion ignite, do not let fear stop you, work hard, take care of your kids for they are first and foremost, be a good person, love people, but do not settle, if someone comes into your life that makes your life better or makes you smile go for it! And remember money is not what makes you happy, being good inside and being fun, and passionate is more attractive to someone then the size of your wallet! Anyone can have money but not just anyone has a calming touch and a loving, kind heart! Enjoy the little things in life because they are the bigger things in life that are hard to find, then what you can buy! Affection and passion are more to me then any dollar amount! Be true, honest, and love those peaceful, calm, tranquil nights!!

Health Benefits Of Kissing!

Wanted to start my day focusing on something fun and beneficial and healing, KISSING! So we all have stress, pain, aggravation, and bad days, the best solution to that, find that person you want to kiss, long to kiss, or love to kiss AND kiss passionately! How fun it is to kiss knowing there are healing benefits, wow, what a great way to reap some health benefits! šŸ˜‰ So here are some of those perks i am talking about!

1.) Boosts immunity 2.) reduces stress 3) relaxes you 4.) releases those feel good feelings 5.) reduces pain 6.) awakens your senses 7.) burns calories 8.) lowers blood pressure 8.) keeps you young 9.) reduces cholesterol 9.) connects you to that person.

Knowing all these fun little facts what are you waiting for! Your whole body will thank you! xoxo

The Benefits Of Talking To Someone When You Feel Stressed Or Are Going Though A tough Time!

It can be hard to find it in yourself to admit you need help at times when the pressures of life are too much! We all have been there and it truly helps to confide in someone. This takes courage but confiding in someone can ease the stress your under or offer solutions you may find beneficial. It can be a friend a family member or a therapist or counselor it is anyone whom you feel comfortable with. Holding in anger and tension and or stress can have lifelong consequences. Some and not limited too are hypertension, heart attack, stroke, depression and suicide. Keeping things inside are never healthy mentally or physically they can hurt not only you but be a snowball effect that can ultimately affect people in your daily circle. I truly believe that having someone help guide and clarify your feelings will in the end help you find solutions and strength. I personally turn to my father, my sister, and a counselor. I find that sometimes it is so much better to have someone listen who is looking at things from a non personal perspective to give me the most honest guidance. However, it is also beneficial to gain the affection of those whom love me unconditionally! So here is some of the benefits of letting go of all those worries, stressors, and or anything that is holding you back and under. Otherwise known as that drowning feeling or sinking in quicksand feeling aka stuck!

1.) It will make you feel better 2.) You will find clarity. 3.) Relief from depression 4.) Will help with decision making 5.) Will help with anger and emotions. 6.) Will increase confidence. 7.) will manage stress. 8.) will help find resolutions. These are only some benefits however we all get relief differently all i can say is with 100% honesty every human on this earth feels stress and pressure and we all need someone to listen. Never feel you are alone there are people who are there to help. You can ask your doctor a family member or your church to help guide in the direction needed. We all have the weight of the world, lean on someone to help lift the heaviness of it!! xoxo

Melting The Stress Away On A Cool Autumn Night!


After a long day and two teenagers that can be worse then toddlers when they nag and fight and go on relentless rants. I needed a much needed break, so i try to figure out a way to find some comfort in the night that would lie ahead. I decided to open some windows, pour some red wine and make a beef stew that simmered on the stove for 3 hours. The wine tasted decant and smooth, and the house smelled amazing, and the beef in the stew just fell apart. I may not be able to run away when the stress gets to be too much( aka as being a mother), but i can try to escape in the only way i know how, i try to remember to breathe, pour that red wine, and lose myself in cooking and see my chiropractor! šŸ™‚ Besides poetry, cooking is my escape and i am in much need of a massage! And in much need of hugs! Just saying!

If you are like me, a worn out, good mom who works and does all she can! Open that window, poor that wine, breathe, simmer a delish meal on the stove and go get that massage. The deep tissue is best. But in my opinion any form of touch can be soothing and healing! Hug somebody and be hugged! And remember it will get easier! xoxo That is what i keep telling myself, fingers crossed!!!

Feeling Poetic, none of my good stuff. Just a thought that crossed my mind! Enjoy! ;) Written and dated on 10/7/19 By Nichole Sulpizio

His stare,
She is aware,
There is lust in the air,
He can see the pain deep in her eyes,
As he softly dreams of touching her soft lips,
Tasting the essence of her breath,
The weight of his body, pushes her down,
His heartbeat, she feels,
She longs for more,
To explore,
Him in in his entirety,
Her pain disappears,
He erases, her fears,
Lust is embraced,
And she starts to crave him,
Every Part!

Copyright (c) 2019 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserve

Inner Strength and And Finding Inner Power!

Today i woke up to a beautiful crisp fall morning, the sun was shining bright and the air was refreshing. I knew with such a beautiful day i could not let myself feel horrible another second, i know i can and will not admit defeat! It is not who i am! There has been a lot in my life that has been weighing me down and it seems no matter what i do, try, or change, things just get worse. I spent the last few days in tears, pondering why things are not getting better, why i must keep fighting all these different issues at one time. I keep looking for answers and solutions that are nowhere to be found! Everyone around me is causing such chaos in my life and while i cant change them, i can change me! So to shed some light so you have some idea of what is going on, without going into to much detail, because it would take pages to write these are only some issues i am facing. So to name a few let me start with first a very troubled marriage, a son with severe ADHD and anger , a ex husband who is not being supportive with our children and needs to get himself together, injuries from a car accident, and i have had a former person who was in my life still cyberstalking me and has been for almost 12 years. Now how is that for stress? I know each and everyone out there has some of these or all of these i just wish for you whomever you are and for myself that some of these would dissipate. Fighting one battle one crisis at a time is much easier then all at once! Therefore, i am finding my inner strength!

What is inner strength? It is purely the strength of the mind. It is a guiding force and the core of our inner soul! It is gaining control of you and not letting yourself be defeated! We all in life are victimized and we can either bow down or fight back. You can choose to be weak minded or strong minded because no one can take that from you! It means being the one to dictate your life! We are all powerful, we all can move mountains, we just need to believe in who we are. I myself take great pride in who i am, i may not make a million dollars but i am confident, secure, and admire my heart and soul knowing i am gracious, educated, pretty, and draw people in with my persona and personality. People are always drawn to me and that portrays confidence and a good soul! So while there are struggles in life with goodness and inner strength we can change our world!

Finding inner strength is not easy but here are my suggestions, Fight fear , embrace fear and challenges, declutter your mind, love yourself and who you are, change your thoughts and behaviors, learn it is okay to say i am not perfect, but i am who i am and that is okay with me, turn to people who make you smile, turn to God, and trust in those who make you better. Find support from people who have your best interest at heart and do not let others misguide you. Believe in you and the power you bestow! If you fall get up and try again, if you fall over and over, keep getting up and one day you wont fall again! Life is hard but life is precious!

Taking Time To Remember Who I’am And What Makes Me Who I’am!

Sometimes us parents get lost in all the chaos of our kids needs and necessities that we lose track of our own! Well,this is a normal response of having kids sometimes it leaves us lost and longing to switch the switch and remember what makes us tick! My kids have ALWAYS been my top priority and will continue to be, however, I also like many of you have desires and passions and things I see as enjoyment that just can’t and don’t happen anymore! Us parents run ourselves into the ground trying to do and be everything to our children and while that is expected and has to be, we also have a obligation to ourselves to live as well. If your like me finding that time is far and few between, I have been told I just need to make it happen! So after a highly chaotic day yesterday and another today that has me running from 5 am until bed I am taking 30 minutes this morning to myself! Amen!

Last night I woke up with chest pains from all the stress I have been under for a very long time. Being in medical made me quite aware that although I was not having a heart attack if I keep running myself like this and also keep dealing with other circumstances that are causing me tremendous pressure someday these chest pains may become something more serious! So i woke this morning and said I am taking 30 minutes and if that’s all I get today then so be it, but at least I have that! It is pretty bad when you record a movie that you wanted to see and over 3 days you watched maybe 40 minutes of it pausing it to run your kids everywhere and trying to work and do all the other things you are obligated to do. You parents know how it is there is never a second of keeping up with it all. I feel I am always behind, now I am learning to accept it! It is pretty bad when you wake up at 5 am to do laundry and dishes and know that at 10 pm you will be doing the same thing! Moms and dads out there how do we do it and keep our sanity? Here is my solution!

It is a cool rainy morning and I stopped at the coffee shop, nothing like looking out at the rain and smelling fresh brewed coffee while watching people and cars pass by. Ahhhhhh..relief. Then I took a piece of paper and wrote all the things I enjoy, miss, and love to do. So i will let you in on my secret pleasures and distractions and hope you take my advice and write yours down too. You can share it or keep it to yourself but at least you know that you are entitled to enjoy life as well! So here is my list! šŸ˜‰

Coffee shops, Book stores, Writing my blog and writing poetry, snuggling by a fire, watching lifetime movies and reality tv, walking by the ocean at night, walking under the city lights at night, sitting in the park, still WANT to learn to Salsa dance, playing with my grandkids and being with my kids and my dad. Pumpkin patches, and hay rides, picking apples, Talking to my sisters, meeting a friend for lunch, trying new foods and restaurants, fine red wine, would love to visit a wine tasting tour, cooking new foods, playing and dancing in the kitchen while I cook, kissing passionately, hugging, I want to teach myself Italian as my grandmother is from Italy. This is a brief list but I smile everytime I look at it, and for me I intend on making it a priority! This is what I like and who I am, how about you? What makes you tick? Ask yourself, write it down and then go for it! That’s my new motto, Go for it!!! Xoxo