Scars Of The Heart (Red Lips And All) Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Throw back from a few years ago πŸ˜‰

He who truly loves her
Would never let go
He would fight a million battles
To show
His scars of the heart
Vulnerability is beautiful
To her
As is honesty
His battles show
Of wars lost and won
To him i belong
The soldier whom would never back down
From a fight
Standing his ground
Of a love that is right
As he deserves the woman in her
Red lips and all

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

Strawberries And Whip Cream Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Strawberries and whip cream
Tasty dream
On the tip of your tongue
Afternoon delight
Candy like
Sweet treat
Powdered sugar
On My tee
Swirling around my mouth
In sensual delight
Mouth waters and explores
Take a tiny bite
Wanting more and more
Share with him
Make his heart flutter
Giving him sugar
From your lips to his
Strawberries and cream
Never wake from this dream

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

I believe that showing who we are in are everyday during coronavirus shows strength πŸ’ͺπŸ’‹πŸ’–

Here i am today in a tee! Haven’t had my hair done since before Thanksgiving πŸ™ˆ ( thank you coronavirus) or my nails done in months! This is the REAL me and the real me is okay with me! I believe who we are right now is more beautiful then being fake! πŸ’‹

For all of you out there with your hair not done, nails not done, and yes that means all you SEXY men out there tooπŸ˜‰ ROCK IT because the way we look now is absolutely beautiful and well its us!! OWN IT!! 😘ROCK THAT CONFIDENCEπŸ’– And kiss my butt coronavirus you suck 😏 🀣🀣

This made me cry good tears it will do the same to you!! πŸ’– πŸ¦˜πŸ¨πŸ…πŸ·πŸ΄πŸ’–

With all things going on in the world today and in all our personal lives, life is chaotic and stressful and down right difficult. Watching this video released endorphins for me that I can promise to all of you it will brighten your day and relax you and make you smile 😊

Touch is healing as we all need touch! Lack of touch causes not only health ailments but without touch we can die!After watching this I wanted to hug each and every animal in this video as my heart melted and felt joy!! The love of these animals with humans made me tear up!! Grab a glass of wine or whatever you drink and sit back, relax, enjoy, and oh don’t forget a tissue ❀

Videos sometimes from YouTube don’t always work on the phone so watch from your computer or look for link….πŸ’œβ€

Since I can’t touch all of you ..sending hugs and kisses across the globe 🌎 πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹

Hero Written By Nichole Sulpizio

When you TRULY want her
You NEVER let go
Fighting harder
Showing the world
You love her
Making her yours
Breaking down all the doors
From the flames of hell
Fighting the demons
The devil himself
Bringing down the sword
Upon those
Whom brought her to tears
Torment of years
Bestowed upon her
Tattered and torn
You free her
Wrapping her in your arms
Sent from above
To heal
The lies and disguise
Of many before
The TRUE hero
Will stand tall
Behind her
Fighting them all
Keeping her safe
Until the end
Loving her
Once and for all
For this man is her HERO!!!

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

They Call Me Angel Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Evil and wicked
Are games people play
I hold my head high
I do not play that way
Mirror reflects
The inner soul
As God will always know
Intentions of the heart
Angels never hurt
They only know love
Angels do not have to lie
Angels soar
High in the sky
They call me angel

Nicknamed by my friend jack xoxo

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved