Sweet Slumber Written By Me xoxo

Reposing herself gently

Among the soft pillow

Lost in the daydream of him

A smile grows across her face

Drifting into a slight slumber

The lullaby of him

Repeating itself

Trying to satisfy her hunger

The wanting desire to be with him

Satin sheets

His strong embrace

Her soft lips

The essence of her

His dreamy eyes

As he ravishes her

The union of there bodies

Like clockwork


Sweet sweat

Satisfaction met

Until she awakens from this sweet slumber

Only to thirst for the daydream

To become reality!

Lucent Moon Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Under the moon lit night

Crackling fire

Obscured by the burning wood

Smoke filled tears

Of a moment in time

When i thought he may be mine

And I his

His wish to be

Free with me

Locked in the fantasy

Of snowy nights

Lost in a cabin

His soft lips on mine

Drenched in wine

In a drunken fantasy

Of pent up desire

The heat of his body

Immersed with mine

Climatic state

Never to rewind

A love so passionate

One wishes to find

At least once in a lifetime

Come love me! xoxo

Straight from the heart today! ❤

To all my blogger friends across the world I speak from the heart tonight! I personally tend not to watch the news as I view it as depressing and just too painful to watch! Tonight, I turned on the news unfortunately and my heart just broke! This beautiful world has turned into such a place of hate and crime and animosity. If only we could just learn to love more and forgo hate and learn forgiveness! Remember when we where children and we all viewed the world with different eyes? It was so big and interesting and people were all the same no matter who they were or where they came from, if only we could have the innocence that children have maybe the world would be at peace! I have a big heart and hate to see people hurt, I can not comprehend war, hurting others with words or actions, to me life is a blessing and everyone is unique and beautiful! I love the beautiful state and country I live in as I also love other beautiful countries around the world that are filled with so many beautiful,wonderful people! No one deserves war, pain or fighting or disease! If I could reach one person tonight and if I could ask God for one prayer to be answered, if I could ask Santa for one special gift it would be world peace and stop all this fighting! God bless the USA and God bless all of you and God bless all the countries you live in and all of my blogger friends tonight where ever you are! Xoxo

She's Gone 😥 Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Like a flash of light

A lighting strike

Without warning

She came into my life

Struck my heart


Like the sharp blade of a knife


Changed my world

This beautiful girl

Knocked me off my feet

My head spinning constantly

She was in every thought


Everything a man could want

Those beautiful eyes

Radiating like the sea

Blue, green

She captivates me

Long flowing hair

Pretty in bows

Her unique stare

Ruby lips


Sparkles all around

This woman flipped my heart

My life


Upside down

Letting her slip though the cracks

Terrified to take a chance

On romance

That i never knew could exist

Fearful to try

To proud to admit

I may not be all she needs



Let her slip away

From my fingertips

Bleeding for her

Drowning in the sound of her voice

The sexy things she does

The way she calls out my name

Blowing kisses to the wind

My friend she is gone

I let her get away

To another mans arms

I am alone

And she is with him

She is gone!

Winter dreaming ❄💋

Looking out the cafe pane

The sweet aroma of coffee brewing

Bitterness in the morning air

The quiver of her body

Warmth of the coffee as it hits her lips

The taste of peppermint on her tongue

She felt that perpetual burning again

The desire to run to him

Dreaming of his strong embrace

The softness of his face

Longing for his touch

Rough, erotic, intense

He too can not get enough

Of this beautiful lady he desires so much

This attraction

So strong

Two pounding hearts

Soul mates that belong

His arms is where she dreams to be

Looking out the cafe pane

Dreaming of this sensual fantasy ❤

Sweet Seduction! Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Red Lips

Black fingertips

Merlot kisses

Scratches down your back

Darkness in her eyes

With the sweet scent of an angel

“Sweet Seduction”



Of everything she is


Whole body bliss

With that first kiss

“Sweet seduction”

Everything you dream of

In leather and lace

With a innocent face

Sexy by nature

She will steal your heart

Sell it to the devil

Your soul lost

And you will never forget her

“Sweet seduction”

A warm snowy thought ☃️

Today the northeast will be hit with our first snowfall of the season. 🌬 That to me brings many wonderful snowy thoughts and dreams. All I can think about now this morning is warm hot coco with a peppermint twist, illuminating lights from the Christmas tree 🎄 snuggled up under a toasty fluffy soft blanket! I Must have warm gingerbread cookies baking in the oven and a balsam fir candle burning. Then to top it off Christmas love movies playing as I watch the cars pass by and the snowflakes fall. 🌨 I also think I just may go out as those white beautiful snow flakes fall from the night sky ❄ and let them gently hit my face tap my lips 💋 and as I spin around in laughter looking up into the sky, I may fall and make a snow angel. These are my beautiful thoughts for this beautiful day ahead! ❤🥰