Just A Romantic Thought ❤

On a cool night, sipping a red merlot, cooking a warm hearty dinner, playing soft music ,I felt let’s say very romantic 😉 I do not know if others would agree but it came to me, a nice thought! A snowy winter night in a log cabin by candlelight, music playing a dry wine by a warm lit fireplace, with someone just letting go! Feeling passionate, and affectionate and looking at the white snow! It was a thought that crossed my mind on this cool night of how life under many stressors we still can have many beautiful moments! I’d figured I’d share my thoughts of fantasy and or reality and give that cool night many of us are experiencing tonight a little romantic twist! This is not truly a blog post however it was a beautiful thought I wanted to share as in all of us there is romantic thoughts and passions brewing I am just someone who shares my intimate thoughts xoxo

Arrow Straight Through The Heart! Written By Nichole Sulpizio

This just came to me tonight, felt it, ran with it xoxo

Right from the start she stole his heart

Before he could even blink

His mind confused


Fear, trembling

His heart racing

Pulse, pulsating

The effect she had on his body

There are no words

No replacing

It was a arrow straight through the heart

He never felt a longing, so strong

In such a way

Needing her touch every day

She was in his dreams

Constant thoughts

No matter how hard he tried to forget her

Pushing his feelings aside

He would try to deny there was anything between them

Fate was out of his control


He fantasized

And realized

She was everything he needs and wants

It was a arrow straight through the heart!!


Flutters Of The Heart! Written By Nichole Sulpizio

His Words

His Passion

The Sentimental Reactions

Made Her Heart Flutter In Delight

Attraction Of Curiosity



Longing To Feel His Body In The Night

Dreams Of His Lips

His Strong Embrace

His Sensual Kiss

Burning Up Inside Her Body

With Strong Flames Of Desire

Then In This Passionate State

One Mistake

Whisked Away With One Unspoken Word

Like A Candle Blown Out By The Wind

Never To Feel That Flutter Again

Cyberstalking It Is Real And I Want To Share My Story!

It has taken me awhile to share a very deep, dark, sinister thing that started about 13 years ago to me. I wont share specifics such as names or certain circumstances because of police involvement, but i want to shed some light on how cyberstalking changed my life! I hope by my experience i can help someone else out there avoid the painful things that happened to me when i put my trust in someone whom i was very close with. This person was a very big part of my life and whom i considered would be forever. My point of this story is you can never really know someone or know someones true intentions always trust your gut, i wish i would have! There where red flags and i ignored them. Your gut is your best friend if something feels or seems wrong it mostly likely is! I want to point out, this did not break me nor change me it actually made me stronger and not as trusting. I realize that the world can be cruel and evil even when it is someone who is closest to you! I have also learned while being on this blog that the world while it may be cruel there is also a very big world out there full of loving, interesting people in the USA and abroad. I must say that the people abroad are quite lovely and i am so glad to be chatting with people all over the world! The world is a beautiful place i will not let one evil person change that perspective! xoxo

About 13 years ago i met someone whom i trusted i thought very highly of them and there intelligence and career. I never knew that this trust would cost me years of stress and grief. We talked everyday we where together most days of the week, we knew each other beyond words. One day i needed my phone charged and i had left my charger at home, that was the moment my life changed! This person charged my phone for me in his office by his computer i didnt think anything off it. Why would i this was a person i trusted! Boy was i in for a surprise!

Shortly after i started to realize all my emails my banking my social media accounts everything was not working properly. My phone was burning up, my battery would drain after two hours after a night of charging and that was minor compared to what happened after.

I started to notice on my social media pictures being erased comments that men would make deleted, inboxes people would ask me if i got but never did, people getting responses i did not send. Guy friends whom i respected and adored getting calls from my email in the middle of the night waking there wives causing trouble thinking it was me and i had no idea how or why this was happening but i lost friends. Friends i adored, friends i would never hurt. My Banking would show log ins as well as all my accounts at times i knew i did not log in. My phone would echo calls would drop, i would watch pictures in texts be erased in front of my eyes and sent to unknown senders which i was not sending. I switched phones accounts phone numbers i clouds iphone to androids. No matter what i did even adding security to prevent malaware did not help. There is alot you can do with having someones social, address, access to accounts and being a having millions of dollars etc…Thats when i went to him when i would catch him putting codes into my phone without permission. Noticed things, he would make comments about in regards to texts and emails and things on my social media. He would know things him and i did not discuss conversations i had with others via texts etc in private. I was not the only person he was doing this too i witnessed him doing it to others. When i approached him he threatened me it would be the last thing i did if i told anyone.

Then it really started men calling my phone whom i didnt know, emails from men that where vulgar, texts to my kids, calls to my kids that where vulgar, all my kids had there emails, social media accounts hacked. Again he had all there information as well. After years of relentless hacking i went to the police, i cant say much but i can say 85 percent of things have stopped. I still get log ins in emails that are not me, my phone gets hot on a rare occasion, he has had a man approach me in a supermarket thinking i am not aware of what is transpiring. My phone tells me at least twice a week that my email is trying to fetch my voicemail however that is not me trying to retrieve it. Image pictures that you send to your spouse, significant other, being taken something so intimate just for someone special being taken without your knowledge and permission. I can tell you how it feels, it makes you feel like throwing up. Knowing every conversation, email, someone was reading without you knowing how intrusive and compulsing! I dealt with this for 13 years. It leaves you not trusting, worried that your always being invaded. Not having emails on your phone not having facebook or instagram because of past experiences. Creating new emails for friends hoping he never finds it, worried when someone does not respond right away that he got to it again first. However, i will not let this ruin my life, there is police involved now so when i see any of the above happen i note and talk to the proper police authorities. If things keep happening even subtle things there will be charges. This is my life and i will live it and i hope noone out there ever goes though what i have!

My advice to anyone out there be careful who you trust, not everyone is kind and thats sad however do not let fear stop you from meeting, loving and engaging with anyone whom you find special. When someone makes your day dont let anyone take that away. Friendship, love and attraction are all beautiful things when your lucky to find them, hold on tight and enjoy it and do not let someone or something go that makes you happy!! Some people you meet once in a lifetime! 🙂 xoxo

Mysterious Man ;) Written by Nichole Sulpizio 11/6/19 xo

She knows not the sound of his voice

Nor the touch of his hand

You see he is from a far away land

She dreams he smells of musk

So rugged, so tuff

But she knows how softly he would touch her body

Caress her as she quivers

Then pull her hair as he kiss’s her so hard

That it takes there breath away

Lost in hunger

She pulls him into her

And he never lets her go!

For All The Beautiful Woman Out There!

Someone gave me a idea this morning by a comment made it made me think of this 😊 thank you Simon! 😉 All woman are beautiful naturally no matter what society says. I say be you all natural for one day and sparkle and shine with the inner beauty you possess! I love glitter and sparkle but I also love me naturally as should all of you! So I am here to show a picture of me not all done up getting ready for bed all natural. I feel as good in this pic as I do when I sparkle. So to all you woman out there be you, beautiful, powerful you! Here’s me!