INTOXICATING πŸ’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Dedicated To D πŸ’‹

His lips soft


Tickles like a feather

Warm is his mouth


Window to his soul


Awkwardly innocent

But jaded from his past

Silly girls who couldn’t last

Lacking empathy



Until me

In his dreamy eyes

I witness

His dreams coming true

All the stitches they sown

Being torn

Coming unhinged

At the seams

As he draws me in


His stare

Provocatively I glance


In a trance

The energy flowing

Through our veins

Like a current

Pulling us under

Drowning in bliss



Sent from above

Written in the stars

We broke through the barriers


The fire inside

Burning with desire

Taking us higher and higher

As he quenches the ache

And I give him as much as he can take

Both basking in climatic glory

Intoxicating together ❀

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

A Bit Of Honesty In A Dishonest World πŸŒŽ

In life it is most important to stop the chatter of misunderstood voices…honesty is a rare commodity something most people lack! Right wrong or indifferent i pride myself on being completely honest even at the stake of falling down..

People can take a lot away from you in life but they can’t take away your soul! Having a good heart and a pure soul is the golden ticket in life…

I do wonder sometimes if we truly have complete control over our own lives or do we roll with the punches too much..we are so quick to please sometimes that we loose ourselves our dreams our hearts in the shuffle..

Pondering today where I got lost in the shuffle! πŸ€”

Rectifying it may be harder then I once thought ❀


I am coming to learn that unless you are a writer or a musician or an artist you can’t quite understand sensuality or passion or that words and lyrics are the very core of your being…that you are always in a heightened sense of awareness of all feelings and emotions..

Keeping things classy and tasteful not trashy are of utmost importance..

However, also recognizing that because you place emphasis on passion that you are not writing pornography. You are really writing the very essence of sexuality that all humans think and feel but are afraid to discuss, admit or touch upon as if it is something to fear or feel disgraced upon..we all are and can be very passionate sexual beings …the ones mortified are the ones afraid of getting in touch with the feelings they feel burning inside there bodies ..

Look at Maddonna one of the greatest artists of all times proving once again why she one of the most recognized artists of all times! She is artistic and expressive …unafraid… to me this beautiful!

This song is one of my favorites by her but probably offends most! While I pride myself on decency and am tasteful, classy, passionate in my writing I do hold with it truth and acknowledgment of the fire that burns in all of us! I am unafraid!!

So my opinion is live life expressing yourself…keep yourself honest and kind and classy never be trashy or cruel ..but don’t hinder the very core being you are your life for you not anyone else! Stay true to yourself and those whom should be in your life will be in your life and those who can’t understand you or are intimated by you well that’s there problem …just be you!

And one other thing that may be slightly off topic but holds weight…I always believe in passion, love, and fate β™₯ when you doubt these things even during trying times you only short yourself! And stop yourself from being where you where written to be! You may even short someone else πŸ˜‰ just saying …

Kisses πŸ’‹

Clarity πŸ’‹

Written By Nichole Sulpizio ❀

Written In All My Truths πŸ’‹

Pushed to the limit

Ulitmate test

She struggling at best

With the darkness

Bestowed upon her

Wallowing in the haunted shadows

That frighten her

Lost control

Where is the clarity

Blinded by his passion

Her body yearns for his touch

Like a poison you drink

Knowing the demise

Screaming to him



For him to listen

But her voice muffled

In all her confusion

He listens to his own beat

The drum in his head



As if to say

Run away

The other don’t let go

Get her

In the midst they lie

Naked in there empty beds



Tossing and turning

By the torment

Not exploring the possibilities

Of friends becoming lovers

The covers silent

Instead of the growing moans



She screams louder

Falling upon deaf ears

While he masks his pain

Ending up without the girl

He wanted to claim

Where is the Clarity

Not just for her

For him

The music grows silent

The poet Puts down her pen

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

Two πŸ’• Hearts Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹ Written for RD and JF all my love πŸ’“




Immense pain inside


The heart split in two



She not knowing what to do

The fear of making a mistake

She runs into both arms

Praying they will keep her from harm

And making a decision

Days and weeks pass

They pushing her to decide

She can’t hide

She loves them both

Who knew she would hold 2 hearts

In her hand

Breaking them

Doing things

Neither wants to do

For they say they can no longer stay

But can’t let go nor walk away

Loving her so much

Passion overflows

And it shows

When she spends the night

Both intoxicated by lust


She trusts her heart

Will break

Never to heal

Because both complete her

As she

Feels the beating of 2 hearts πŸ’•

She is broken πŸ’”

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved


From thought to here …straight from the heart ❀

If you hold my hand through the worst
I will give you my best

If amoung the noise and confusion you hear my heart
Listen to it

A story is unfolding
The end to be determined
Patience is a virtue

There is risk in everything
But if you don’t risk everything
You lose more then what you thought

Play life like you would chess
Keep a poker face
And well ….play to win!

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

A kiss is NOT just a kiss πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹

A Fleeting Thought πŸ’‹

A kiss is not just a kiss

Kissing is the exchange of heart and soul ❀
The softness of tongues touching
In unison
Hearts dancing
Passion erupting
The soul blissfully engulfed
In joy
A kiss without passion
Is a crime
And only those who lack passion
Face this terrible fate
Locked in a cell
Of lost pleasure
Unbeknownst to the source
Denied desires of the flesh
Lacking a painful existence
Existing in a state of non arouseal
Where the body has no source of fulfillment
The heart no nourishment
And joy never presenting itself to the very core of one’s soul

A kiss is not JUST a kiss 😘❀πŸ”₯

Copyright Β© 2021 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved