Tonight I Want To Get Real About Stalking!

It has been months since I have brought up the topic of stalking and have mentioned it in detail in a prior blog post when I first started my blog.

Tonight, I have realized stalking comes in many forms and I want to reach out and spread the word. First and foremost always trust your gut if I can stress anything ALWAYS trust your intuition….trust your gut if warning alarms go off about someone or if something feels off or strange or somewhat scary it is your body warning you! Listen to it! I wish I had! Had I listened I may not have gone through 13 years of hell being cyber stalked by someone whom I trusted and truly cared about. Trust me those alarms went off loud and clear and I choose to disregard them…If interested go down to my blog in its early stages and read my story. It will give details of the events that destroyed my life! Without rehashing all of that again my point of speaking out tonight is that anyone can be a stalker and stalking does not have to be a stranger whom you think follows you although that does happen, more times then not it is a very close friend, lover, spouse, employer, someone whom you consider an acquaintance! Again please hear me when I say…ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT! And men your no exception a stalker can be any sex, any person, any religion, hold any position and can wealthy or poor. There is no set person!

Stalking can be cyber or someone following someone, listening and recording phone conversations and or using cameras as a way to keep a watchful eye. Trust me being stalked destroyed my life and I have been stalked by all of the above. I hope I reach one person tonight by stressing no one is exempt and if something feels wrong listen to it and if it happens to you whatever you do..DO NOT WAIT! REPORT IT! I waited too long out of fear and I let my life be destroyed! I am resilient and more knowledgeable because of it and I want to help someone else tonight!

I love all of you and I wish all of you a wonderful night or morning or afternoon..wherever you are tonight! Kisses and love and be safe out there! Posting a song my stalker told me to listen too…till this day I remember his words! Word for word! You never forget! One thing i must point out he did not break me nor make my heart cold in fact it made me stronger and i am never going to stop being me šŸ’œā¤ If video does not play it is, SNUFF By slipknot xoxo

Where Are You Tonight? Written By Nichole Sulpizio xoxo

Lying awake

Darkness of the night



Ticking of the clock

Lightning strikes

Thunder roars

Scent of my coconut perfume

Sheets smelling of a sandy shore

Lustful thoughts

Bringing me to you

Rain pounds

Against the window pane

Screaming your name

Dreaming of waves crashing upon the shore

Hearing your voice

Sensual sounds

Pinning me down

You take control

Of my body


Craving you more


Your hands all over me


Losing control

My body quivers


Screaming louder then ever before

Realizing those touches

Bringing me to the brink

Belong to me

Passionate cries

Asking why

Is it this way


Where are you

Find me

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Relserved

My Plea Dear Mr President šŸ’œā¤šŸ’–

Mr. President please hear my plea tonight! I love the USA and I am listening to everything you say! Mr. President keep us safe keep us in your saving grace! The people in NJ are not listening they are still going around like there is no harm its causing havoc and deadly consequences for the ones that are! Mr. President hear my plea send in our miltary make those see the world will survive, but they have to be forced send our brave in and let us win this evil war bestowed upon the world! Please Mr. President xoxo

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

For everyone no matter what whom understands the heart WANT’S what is WANT’S! ā¤ There is no fight that can stand up to the heart!

The heart can not be rationalized the heart does not understand no and the mind will never control it! šŸ’–

Painful, Unrealistic, crazy and willing to do whatever …. follow your heart! I know many that feel this way…this is for you!! šŸ’–šŸ’

Tear’s On My Pillow Written By Nichole Sulpizio

He hears her cry

In the middle of the night

Listening as she asked God why

Praying it all will stop

Tears falling like heavy raindrops

Soaking her satin pillow case

Mascara dripping down her pretty face

In anguish

His strong yet gentle whispers

On the phone line


Baby, Baby

Over and over

Listen to me

Hearing his plea

Her sobbing halts

He whispers again

Do not be ashamed

Your not to blame

For there mistakes

Beautiful woman

Beautiful heart

Let me heal you

Save you

I am your superman

Let me show you

The love a real man can bring

Believe me

No other will love you as much as i do

I promise to kiss those soft tears from your lips

Savor your body

Those beautiful curvy hips

Hold them tight

Endless every night

Making love to you

Hear you scream in delight

Nothing will keep me away

I’am the man

For you

Sweetheart you know it is true!!

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved