I own the past and I own the present and I determine my future ❤ no matter what is thrown my way…I GOT THIS!! I have fought many battles and overcome… the best is yet to happen!!

Much love to everyone across the world! Love who you are in this very moment let go of the past and be your best self! Your beautiful inside and out just the way God intended you to be!!

Have a blessed and beautiful day to all you beautiful bloggers out there 😘 ❤

Saturday Points Of View 🤗💖💋👄 To My Past 😘 Kiss My BLEEP 🙈🙉🙊 of course in the sweetest way possible!!

Feeling great on this late Saturday morning 💖 even when things are not perfect life still seems sooooo much brighter! The future seems sooooo much brighter and you know what for the first time in a long time…I GOT THIS AND I LIKE IT!!!

Important 💋 This is purely based on the past not the present not the future!! Solely the life and years i left behind!! Whats that saying…KISS MY GRITS BABY 🙊

1.) Do not tell me that I CAN’T do something because not only CAN I but I WILL! And I will Do it GOOD!!! You thought I couldn’t, well I AM..surprise surprise…great things come in small packages 🤣🤣🤣

2.) If I fall I will get back up..I NEVER STAY matter what it takes or how many times I fail i WILL ALWAYS SUCCEED 💯 I am just built that way 💯

3.) Life may be hard…BUT I AM HARDER! Pretty heart soft and mushy BUT ROCK HARD SOUL AND DETERMINED MIND!!

4.) Take me for granted take me for a fool,think I am weak..don’t let the door behind me hit you too hard 🤣🤣🤣 OUCH

5.) I don’t care if I love you or if my heart breaks I DONT SETTLE AND I DONT TAKE SHIT!!

Today , I am smiling despite my past I have things to be happy for…❤💜

I am grateful for my new place wow for the 1st time In years I get to decorate and buy and do whatever the hell I want…omg I DONT HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION

I still have my brand new jeep and guess what I pay for it i do what I want with it I ride it wherever I want and I put anything I want in it ….omg I left a coffee in it for more then 5 minutes …guess what IT IS OKAY TO BE HUMAN NOT A ROBOT…🤣🤣

I get to talk to whomever I want it ACTUALLY IS NOT A CRIME 🤣🤣🤣 and when things go back to normal i can see people in my life i truly want to see…shout out to BW aka as white wolf coming soon 💜❤💋💋 I get to go to my friends bar and see some old friends well hopefully soon ☺ shout out to my long time friend since I was 16 Rob M 😊 we will never lose touch again a promise i intend to keep…its not a crime to be friends with the man i spent 20 years with hey Rick you can call and come by anytime 😊 and you do 🤣🤣🤣

And i got a second job I even had a few job offers some in medical some in stores and it will fill the gap in between clients 🙃 oh yeah I got this baby!!! And I am going to get some cute tattoos on the upper thigh permission yea NOT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Life may be hard i may have some bumps and covid is pissing me off because of flight restrictions…. and meeting friends here at home but it soon will go back to normal until then i work, talk, text and video those I adore ❤ life has been patiently waiting for me i arrive and now life is covid restricted but that’s okay i waited this long whats a little longer….WHEN YOUR FREE AND YOU REMOVED THE CUFFS THAT BOUNDED YOU TO PAIN!

Hugs and kisses 😘

Lone Wolf Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Sangria candle burns

On a warm summer night 🌙

Warm breeze gently strokes her skin

Hot wax drips

Dusk is upon her

Like the fantasies replaying in her mind

Constantly wandering

Drifting to him

As the taste of cabernet

Slowly tempts her taste buds

Red lipsticks stains

On her paper white napkin

Lace gown

Falling slowly off her shoulder

Exposing the outline of her soft curves

Beautifully sensual is she

Gazing at the night sky

She waits for him

The lone wolf on his mountain top

Howling fiercely at the moon


He screams louder

As she listens to the calling

Touching her body gently

She aches

Time is running out

Both hungry

Desires beyond the flesh

Yet yearning in pain


The night never ends

Only to repeat again


Until the night

The howls become one

In unsion

Louder they echo


This time under the same sky

Embraced is she

In the arms of the lone wolf

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

For All You Hard Working Mommies Out There!! ðŸ’–😜

For all those mommies out there working there tails off to support there kids and pay the bills! Props to you! I feel you as i work in 100 degree weather busting my butt this morning only too run two teenagers around all day 🙃 So I/we got this! I am independent, working my butt off and I am a great mommy! You know what sweating, being tired and stressed guess what, IT FEELS AMAZING 😘😉

This goes for all those daddies out there too!! WE ROCK IT!!! HUGS AND KISSES 💋

The Power In Touch ðŸ¤—💖

There is something so healing in touch! Endorphins released and that beautiful natural high you get when you feel loved. Medically speaking we all know it heals the mind and body it is a natural painkiller and it is good for the heart and soul ♥ its endless benefits are many and the opposite is harmful. Long time between touch can leave a heart empty and a mind in disarray! I came to a realization of how important touch is recently!

There is the touch of family when they hug you as in your children and grandchildren, parents and siblings that makes your heart rejoice and feel warm unlike any other! It’s that bond of love that is unconditional and rewarding as if to say, (we are always in this life together ❤ ) I know for me hugs from the above give such a warmth and comfort a feeling that is underscribable because it is that beautiful 😍 However, in that beauty there is still a human need and desire for a different touch one that only a spouse or significant other or lover can bring 💜 For the first time in my adult life I miss the power of that touch! Going through a divorce I asked for has left me for quite awhile missing that touch. For me as I transition it has been a very long time (well what I consider long some may differ) its been months and I never realized the effects it could leave you with. I mean as a medical assistant and in the field for years I am aware of the affects on the mind and body but never experienced it myself…until now! It is not easy and I can admit the craving and desire to be snuggled again is overwhelming example… when you have a sweet tooth and are craving sugar but can’t have the sweets at that moment in time..leaves you hungry, maybe a bit agitated but more then likely its a craving that won’t disappear as it is waiting to be fulfilled 💜

My point of this is many times the way our moods are affected can come from some basic needs we take for granted. Unfortunately, you can be in a marriage or relationship and still feel this way so its not about being with someone per say its more about being with the RIGHT one! I also implore it can not be with just anyone it also has to be( well at least for me) have some meaning and depth behind it. Hugging and kissing and holding are important and now I realize how much I miss it! You can not stay with someone for this reason nor can you find this with just anyone BUT if you are lucky enough to have this with someone, my advice.. embrace it! Also, if your needs are not met and your with someone DONT settle…there is someone better suited whom would love and can bring the touch you so need! I have learned many things as I have gotten older ..I realize life is not promised and I realize don’t take things for granted or wish for more..while I myself will never settle I also realize the beauty in life and look forward to TOUCH again…this time with the RIGHT one! 💖🤗😘❤💋

Life’s Unfair Games Again!

Sitting in a room with dim light i face truths I have faced many times..pain! Strong enough to admit I am not good at poker because I can’t keep a poker face to save my life makes me also see i am really bad at chess in what moves I make in life! I seem to constantly make the wrong moves maybe its time to call…checkmate!

Tonight I feel pain, sadness but its okay truths are important as is my heart and soul and the immense interquirty I hold! While not perfect I do strive for honesty and love and fight for what’s right and what I believe in. Even if I lose i know I gave my all and my best shot!! I am a fighter not a quiter! Even when i lose my way there is another day!

Tonight candles lit wine red of course overflowing, dry on my lips of tears, gazing out the stained window at the nightfall wishing my heart would harden quickly if ever! Drink the red eat pizza and watch a scary movie..distraction maybe but mind carrying on in its on horror and the repeated mistakes I make…need to reach out to friends and family and know its okay to say…i need you! We all need someone sometimes and it’s okay to say things like, I am sorry, I am in pain, I am lost, knowing people love you unconditionally will help lead you where you belong!

To my friends and family that TRULY know me and TRULY love me knowing I give my all in everything I say or do and that my heart is gentle and full of love…tonight I admit.. I NEED YOU! ❤💖💜

The Scent Of Him Written By Nichole Sulpizio ðŸ¤—💖

Full of desire

Passion Burning

Heart pulsating

Soaked with sweat

Losing control

Senses heightened

His tee shirt

She wears

In the darkness of the night

Smelling the very essence of him

Losing control


At the closeness of his scent

Against her naked body

Hair tasselled

Dreaming of him

Taking control of her

Letting go

She drifts

Arching in exctasy

Gripping his shirt tighter

Screaming his name

Over and over


Trying to regain control

She smells his scent again

The burning fire inside her doesn’t end

As the night has just begun

Copyright (c) 2020 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

Beautiful Saturday Morning 💖 Reasons To Smile ðŸ¤—😉

IN my own place is so Tranquil 🤗 going to make some homemade meatballs in the crockpot let them simmer all day and make the place smell amazing 💖 going to enjoy my new place and let the sunshine through the windows and relax …light some candles and rock 🎸 out to a favorite of mine!! AMERICAN WOMAN by Lenny Kravitz

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning for the first time in a long time! SOMETIMES the little things in life make us smile most 😘❤ BW thank you for a beautiful conversation ❤


To the one I love, Baby I am coming home! Nothing will ever keep us apart i love you with all my heart and soul dedicated to the one i call, Nichole, my wife to be. I love you, Baby ❤

I love you robbie this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read ❤ It has truly brought tears to my eyes, Come Home Wolf 🐺 where you belong! Marriage is a beautiful thing with the right one so bring the ring 💍 love you robbie ❤