Thank you Chuck for the pleasure of writing together ❤

Your Words Are Weapons 
Sharp And Deadly
And Meant To Wound

A Smiling Liar,
Hiding Behind
Tender Poems And Promises
That Disguise So Well
The Disgusting Deceit
And The Blades That Cut So Deep   

Cruel Deceptions,
The Stock In Trade
For A Thief Of Hearts And Time,  

While Parading Around
In Carefully Crafted Lies,
That Give The Appearance
Of Virtue, Gallantry
And A Fine Character,
When Observed From A Far

But With Time,
The Evil, Wicked Ways You Possess
Start To Become Visible
As Facts And Truth
Start Dissolving The Mask
You Use To Hide Your Lies   

And Psychotic Tendencies Behind

No Guilt Or Shame Or Regret
Have You, For The Broken Hearts
And Stolen Time You Have Taken
From The Lives Of Others,
Your Victims

Karma And Justice  

Will Give A Harsh Judgment   

That Will Fall Upon Your Soul, 
And Your Name Will Be
The Definition Of Shame And Disgust  
Soon You Will Feel The Wrath
Of Judgment For Your Sins
As You Feel The Torment
For What You Have Done
To The Innocent

Your Meaningless Apologies
Will Echo Back,
The Words You Yell,
Repulsed By The Gates Of Hell

As The Wicked Soul
Of The Thief Of Hearts And Time,
Shares His Well Deserved Fate
With The Devil

Copyright © 2021 Nichole Sulpizio and Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 06-28-2021 – 05:30 a.m.

HYPNOTIZED By Nichole Sulpizio 💋

Written For D 💋

Mesmerized by his eyes

Hazel sheen

She gazes in

Beauty seen

The portrait of a decant face

His soul speaks loudly

His heart pounding within

Thumping rapidly

Heavy breathing

Desire like a ragging fire 🔥


For she is hypnotized

Her eye’s blue green

Cats design

Yellow ring


Like her long blonde streaked hair

To her beautiful place

Called heavens gate

She is everything but plain

Angels wings

Like a whisper

Devilish too

Make a man come unglued

He upon a stare

Is aware

She is his dream come true

He is hypnotized

There kiss 💋

Soft and long


Moans In unison


His tongue

Her touch

There Yearning is such

Nothing can separate them

For they are hypnotized!!

Copyright © 2021 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved

A Shell 🐚 From Heaven Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Love was Inscripted upon a shell in red ink

Staining it for eternity

A kiss upon a intense gaze Left behind a sealed…FOREVER

For it was written

Fate had spoken

Hearts danced Souls conjoined What God has brought together Less they question

Or destroy For its IndestructibleAnd those who try Will fail and fall Into Flames

And wings upon they Will flourish For the seal Has a kiss And the shell Was written Before they knew There destiny

Leaving a power so great

A love Written in red ink

A shell from heaven

Copyright © 2021 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved

Heard this song and fell in love! When you screw up the best thing you ever had! This song ROCKS …FACTS 💋💋💋💋💋💋 ALWAYS SAY YOUR SORRY …NEVER LIVE WITH REGRET…PRIDE IS THE DEVIL…AND THE CURSE TO PRIDE …IS YOUR DEMISE!!

The Magic Of Your Whispers By Nichole Sulpizio And Charles Robert Lindholm

I Just Wish
I Could See Your Face,
And Give You 
The Biggest Hug Ever

I Want To Have
More Than Words
Scribbled On A Page 
Or Whispers 
In The Night
That Drench
My Heart And Soul
With The Warm,
Silky Smooth Feeling
Of Your Voice 
Cascading Down
Upon Me Like Rain
That Makes My
Skin Feel Wet
As I Listen And Quiver
To Your Whisperings
Over And Over Again

 Your Voice, 
Soft And Clear,
Comes To Tease
And Tickle My Ear 
Playing Upon My Heartstrings
Seducing My Heart 
With Your Whispers
And The Magic Of Your Words

Making My Fantasies
And Dreams Of You
Come Alive
In My Mind’s Eye
With Vivid Feelings,
Passions And Visuals
Of Us

I See Me In A Fantasy Dream
Standing Before You
In The Soft Light
Of My Bedroom
As You Step Forward
And Brush My Hair
Behind My Neck So
You Can Gently Kiss It
As You Warmly Embrace Me

I Take Your Hand
And Place It On My Chest
So You Will Know
My Heart Is Racing Wildly
And Wanting To Tell You
The Aching Desires
I’ve Been Afraid To Admit
Before Now

Feeling The Passions
I Let My Lips Kiss You
And My Tongue
Lovingly Invite You
To Linger And Dance
As You Tenderly Slide
The Satin Gown
Off My Shoulders
And Let It Fall

But Just As You Are
Starting To Lay Me Down
And I’m Telling You
How Much I Love You,

My Fantasy Dream Of You
Abruptly Ends
With The Clanging
Of The Alarm Clock
As I Curse The Dawn

And Start Longing For Tonight
When Your Whispers
Will Touch Me Again
In The Darkness Of The Night

Hurry Midnight, Hurry!!!

Copyright © 2021 Nichole Sulpizio and Charles Robert Lindholm
All Rights Reserved – 05-29-2021

Collaborating is always a joy and magical with Nichole!  Thanks so much for writing with me.  Looking forward to next time!!!