Sangria πŸ’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ”₯


Taupe sand

Pale cream hint

In its golden glow

Steady waves crash against the rocks


Her caramel hair blowing lightly

In the warm summer breeze

Coconut curls

Down her tanned back

Bronzed glow

As the sun sets in its dignity

The sand tickles her toes

Painted plum

Like the color of her wine

Dripping from her lips

Sweet berry breath


She giggles

Licking her lips

As not to stain her gloss

Shining like the brightest star

In a night sky


Her eyes sparkle

Like the name she was given

Dreaming of his lips


His hands slowly gazing her body

To her hips

In her summer dress

Above the knees



Of the diamond underneath

Drawing her body closer

Her curves


He pulls her in

She feels his need

In his embrace



Escaping in her thoughts

As she melts away

In her sangria

Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

Happy Wed World 🌎 β€πŸ’‹

Hope this motivates you the way it does me each and every morning πŸŒ„ to achieve my goals!

To the narcissist!

You said I couldn’t do it, you said, I’d never make it! I am relentless. I am driven, and I am coming after everything you said I couldn’t have!

Let me tell you this, I have everything I need! My success is my insanity and it keeps me up at night pushing, pushing πŸ’ͺ me to the top!

I have a harmonious home, a great start to a successful career, my own business, successful, thriving, happy children! A loving, gentle, passionate man who showed me unconditional love! I have everything you said I would never have! I not only beat you, I WON! I HAVE EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE THAT I NEED!

Thank you for being a screw up! I hope someday you change your ways, i don’t wish harm i already got even! See, i was a fighter, that fighter mentality was something in me that scared the shit out of you! Thats why you tried to control me, and when you realized you couldn’t, it made you more angry and that anger motivated me to get so angry i left you right where you belonged in your misery and desperation! Life is too short to be miserable, and no one should ever give up anything in their life for someone else’s dreams or love! How far I have come!

Maybe this speal will touch and / or push someone else to do what they need to do! And someday I will speak to the world as a motivational speaker and I will help those who are like me! See probably something else you didn’t know about me, another dream of mine! Ha, but what did you know about me anyway 😏 πŸ˜…

Affair Of The Heart ❀️ (D)

Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹

She dreams of romance

Passionate kisses

His hand

Candlelight dinner plans

He strokes her hair

So soft and long

While singing and dancing

To their favorite slow song

Moonlight beaches

Soft sand

Pale cream

Walks in the park

City after dark

Sipping white wine

Lobster tails

Chocolate mouse

Buttery and sweet

Both a decant treat


Gazing at her

He invites her to stay

Every night

To live this way

For the rest of her life!

Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

The Darkness πŸ’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio β€

The darkness came over her

In the brisk winter night


Taunting her

Blinding her with agony

She is gasping for breath




Temperature sub zero

Icicles dangling from the branches

Shining slivers of glass

That could pierce through the skin

Like daggers

Visions of dripping blood

Frozen to stone

Invading her

Like a demon possessed

Fingertips blue

Delivering no oxygen

Bitter anguish


Her last screams


Blood chilling

Watching her wounds

Empty like buckets of water

Onto the frozen ground below

Leaving her lifeless

In the darkness


Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

God’s Seal Of Approval ❀Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Heart displaced

Years lost in mourning

Agnoy she endured



By liars and thieves

Disguised they wore capes

To hide there evil souls


Are they

Twisted, sicken minds


Vomit upon there names

For their disease, not worthy of forgiveness

Trying to break her

Jealous of her light

Piece by piece, they tried

While tears fell upon her cheeks

Burning her skin


Not knowing her power

And will

She would destroy even the strongest of they

Her spirt a sword


That could pierce

The heaviest of bricks


The blood trickles from there names

Cast into the fire

Singeing their memory

She basks in the light

While there screams echoing

Like music to her ears

The beauty of her new found life


Like the taste of his first kiss

Sent from heaven above

He was

A superhero with a shell

That was found

And engraved with his fate

And hers

Sealed with God’s approval

Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved

Remembering ❀

2 years ago this beautiful and powerful song set me free!

I heard these words and a pain shot through my whole body and brought me to my knees in tears! I will never forget! What was worse is my family couldn’t take anymore and noone was holding back on telling me what they where witnessing and they wanted the real me back!

Its in fear that we find strength πŸ’ͺ and it’s in pain we find courage!

I left a narcissistic relationship and in the midst of mind controlling tactics I never allowed him to control my own thoughts and desires and decisions like most do! God was in the driver seat and my heart too strong to ever wane from my own identity!

Today looking back I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long! I have my own business and it’s growing, my children are healthier and happier and free to live and speak and be teenagers and accepted as such in my new relationship! There is no crazy just tranquility! And I now remember what communication is after years of not being able to express and communicate as it was shunned! I am relearning trust and it is a beautiful thing! 😍

Wishing all my fellow bloggers and Healthy and Happy New Year ❀

Make everyday count I lost years that I will never regain, life is precious treat it as such! The rewards are endless not always easy, I won’t proclaim easy, however, I will proclaim Healthy, Happy and mostly NORMAL!


Words Of Inspiration πŸ’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio

As a writer we are fuled by thoughts and feelings and emotions! Both past, present and future! My words purely express my deepest emotions! Never sorry for my words as the past made me sorry for feeling and has taught me many lessons…writers understand the fire of a inspiration and writing will always be the biggest part of me! Only I need to understand the significance and passion of my heart and soul



If I can give some advice to all my beautiful blogger girls all over the world 🌎 my advice and hints and secrets! πŸ’‹

1.) Do not Do not use bleach or at least not on your whole head that is! I was born blonde, a beautiful blonde, until the age of 10 when It darkened…unfortunately for years I used bleach under the silly impression, “Blondes have more fun theory “πŸ˜‰ 😜 First that is overrated and outdated! While blonde is beautiful I agree, what is more beautiful is a healthy Mane that is long and soft and flowing…trust me a man would much rather touch a head full of soft hair then a head full of straw that is blonde in color ladies! Unless of course you stay naturally blonde well then your lucky 😏 best of both worlds!

2.) Wash no more then 3 x a week less if your lucky like me and you have more of a dry texture…washing too much is a killer on beautiful hair no matter how expensive the products you use! Throw out that idea of you have to wash everyday …PROMISE less is more! But don’t skip on the daily showers please 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

3.) Air dry omg 😲 stop with the hair dryers nothing dries hair more then hairdryers…I haven’t used one or owned one in over 5 years! Air-dry!

4.) Braid before bed! Don’t leave uour hair down before you hit the sheets all that tossing and turning is bad for your hair EVEN with a satin pillow case! Braid hair lightly in the back as it’s sexy and keeps hair without knots and tangles!

5.) Use olaplex! Look it up online it repairs and restores hair keeping it healthy from all the damage we do to our locks! If you still need to bleach your hair, well, at least use olaplex in between salon visits and during the bleaching process…ask your hairdresser and look this valued product up online I vouch its a God send and I am a skeptic on products! This is a keeper as I have used it for at least 7 years!

6.) Get your hair trimmed no more then 3 or 4 times a year…..anymore then that it’s stays the same length.. I know I made the mistake of buying into the idea of every 4 to 6 weeks that a trim is necessary…it kept me locked into the same length for way too long!

7.) Then there’s the obvious….eat well don’t smoke, you know all the nasty habits that destroy your insides and health along with your skin and hair affecting not only your inner organs but your outer appearance!

Hope these little tid bits help πŸ™

Now try not to brush too much and when you do hopefully your full of luster and love ❀ πŸ’• β™₯

Kisses beauties 😘 πŸ’‹

A Year Later πŸ’‹ I am A below πŸ’‹

A Year Later and years later as well!

Never realizing the psychological damage that stalking from one and narcissistic abuse from another could have such a negative yet positive impact on my life!

You may have hurt me you may have damaged me BUT YOU DIDNT BREAK ME!

Your weakness made me stronger and wiser and made me the beautiful and confident woman I am today!

I thought I was always strong and beautiful before but you made me a warrior and the scars you created upon my heart my mind and soul made me fight harder then I ever have in life and my success is your failure!

This video and those lyrics match my words I played this video last year it strikes and burns the truths of my inner being….. for you only God can forgive you for what you have done to not only me but others …you better get down on your knees and pray he forgives you! Damnation is your future!

Oh the truths I could tell, for now your not worth it …those two gross pigs in the video you two can decipher who’s who

Oink oink 🐷

If you can’t leave a comment it’s accidental sometimes when you preview or edit it creates local changes and its hard to reverse …but this had to be said today something hit me yesterday making me realize the price I had to pay to become the person I am today! If my video doesn’t play go directly to my site it’s visible to play there!

Hugs to all the beautiful writers across the globe our words strike the heart and cords of the ears who listen β€πŸ’‹