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Great motivational speech for those trying to achieve there dreams!

Over the past few years, I have learned many things about myself, my inner voice, my determination, my courage, and my goal oriented personality! I had always known I was strong-willed, πŸ’ͺ had purpose, and not a pushover in any sense of the word. However, I let my kindness and gentle heart overpower my intuition and path. Sometimes, when we are younger and / or in circumstances we feel we don’t have much say or control, we limit our possibilities and prolong our suffering! I woke one day and said, “Enough is Enough” to the destructive, toxic, fake, and grotesque relationships I was entangled with. For not only myself but for all of you out there, it can vary. These destructive relationships can be family, spouses, employers, friendships, really anyone you give time or worth to! I believe once you see and recognize your self worth and respect boundaries that NOONE should be ever able to cross with you, you limit and rid yourself of people who manipulate, critique, criticize or undermind you as a person, or they think your just plain naive to there indiscretions!

Learning my gut was my most powerful source as it was my first step in moving forward to pursue dreams and goals I knew were overdue and calling for me loudly and clearly! Sometimes, against all adversity, we find the most strength πŸ’ͺ I learned to trust the process and let God direct me as I also found strength in making my kids, “MY WHY!”

To the haters, the people who tried to keep me from my dreams by using the relationship as some kind of tool for control, to the family and friends, that never listened to my side but listened to the gossip and the slander any and all of that. Any I was supposed to count on that held conversations behind my back pretending to be for me but where clearly trying to minimize me in anyway to build themselves up out of jealousy and manipulation. Some conversations have come to light, and the I love you as fake and blackened as your soul! Some of you helped to destroy relationships I had, it’s okay, see, I know, God knows and you know, truth always comes to light, good will always win in the end, and I pity your insecurities and I value the ones in my life that believed in me and watched me turn away from darkness and find the light! I want to thank all of who said, you won’t do it, who stood in my way until I moved you, who caused chaos and rucas, it made me a fighter, it made me get rid of all toxic garbage and people undeserving of my time, and made me mostly, A WINNER!

I hope my my words and experiences will save someone else in a similar circumstance who is trying to pursue and live their truth, dreams, and life in any way! Remember, it’s always better to surround yourself with a few who are TRULY FOR YOU, then a ton of people who are OBVIOUSLY AGAINST YOU! Listen to your gut, and pay attention to your intuition it’s your strongest ally, as is God! Be who you are supposed to be and work like hell! Don’t worry about the naysayers, the fake and toxic family and friends, or the significant other undermining your intelligence! Go get whatever you want in life, as you get one, live it, love it, and work like hell to have it!! My kids are the reason I am going where I am going!! Xoxo ❀️

Gaslighting Is Abuse!

When people think of abuse, they assume it is physical when in reality abuse comes in many obvious and non obvious ways. We all are familiar with the obvious forms of abuse but most are unfamiliar with a tactical form such as GASLIGHTING!

Unfortunately, for me I have had the unpleasurable experience of this form of abuse for over 8 years until I mustered up the strength to say enough is enough and leave the toxic hell I subjected myself too for way too long!

To help someone else out there I came across this list and figured I’d share it. This list I found on yahoo was such a accurate description of what I went through and I wanted to share to help someone else out there recognize the signs. Please and I quote this is a list I came upon it is not mine! And remember if you or anyone you know is suffering some form of abuse get out safely and if you can’t locate a domestic abuse line and or your closest police authorities!

Remember you are not alone, get out and get help! Regain your control and sanity and put abusers where they belong!


What was supposed to Break me, BUILT me!

I fear, mediocrity, boredom, and regret more than death itself! I took back my life and flourish in everything!

The graveyard is full of wasted potential they say, I would have been one if I had not broken the chains that bound me, instead, some will rot there in padded cells in the threshold of torture called hell, as I said before dancing with Satan for eternity!

Rock out to this great song on this wintery Saturday! Happy Saturday All!

I may have made too many changes to this post and accidentally disabled the comment section. Sorry, fellow bloggers! But either way the point and message is sound πŸ’‹πŸ”₯❀️

2023 Here I come! πŸ’‹πŸ”₯❀️

2023 is almost here and will be the year I start to do open 🎀 nights for my poetry, to retrieve feedback and speak the very words that proudly flow through my veins!

Looking back on my past I am so thrilled to be working my ass off building a business, MY OWN BUSINESS, and through the grind and hours I have already accomplished so much! I am also excited to get the opportunity to get out there and give myself a name, I don’t have to be huge to be proud, nor do I have to boast about my accomplishments, however the ones who tried to influence me and distract me to fail, have not succeeded!

A winner always wins its a mind set! And every dog has its day, some in the works as we speak πŸ™‚

The cyberstalker who has nothing better to do in life then be obsessed with mine, I don’t blame you as your life is empty and lame that you so dwell on mine and my loved ones with so much time and energy, my life is full and beautiful isnt it?? And the narcissist whom i scared so much with my talents, beauty and ambition, I scared you so much, your weakness has now been revealed! How very weak you are hiding behind a fake masculinity that belittling women is your Forte, such a shame and misfortune!

In the end I’d like to thank you both! I was always strong, now I am even stronger then I ever imagined πŸ’ͺ I am a fighter and a winner!

Red Velvet πŸ’‹πŸ”₯ Written By Nichole Sulpizio xo

She opens the door

Dark lounge

Slowly she walks

Through the crowd

The music plays


Sensual sounds


Mimicking moans in her ears

As if people are climaxing

Sensuality fills the air

She sits down on a velvet cushioned couch

Tosses back her long, black lace gown

Glimpse of her smooth bare legs

Blueberry scent

As she tosses back her soft brown hair

Away from her delicate face

Cherry lips πŸ’‹

She lights a cigarette 🚬

Deeply she inhales

The bartender

Hands her a cocktail



She exhales

Gently she whispers

Thank you, Darling

She glimpses around the room


But stale

It’s him


Taking her in

Eyes lock

She prays he doesn’t speak

Tasty is he

Decant like a buttercream icing treat

Come here

She demands with her eyes

Walking toward her


Suit and tie

Sweat and musk

She longs to taste him

Kissing his lips

Touching his tongue

Buttons come undone

His and hers

Music still plays

There bodies sway

She craves him

He pays her tab

They walk hand in hand

To the yellow cab

With blinking lights

In the cold night

The plaza only one block away

In the exhaust filled city

New York

Lights and bay

Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

Feeling The Passion Like A Fire In My Soul πŸ”₯πŸ’‹

Never let a moment go by where you are afraid to speak, breathless and passionate moments ✨️ say what you need to say, feel how you need to feel and never be ashamed of the fire inside!

I don’t believe that everyone is passionate I believe you either are or your not! But, I believe that writers and musicians and artists have a special fire inside and it comes out in there creativity!

My body and soul is exploding with mixed emotions and I am letting them be revealed to the world and myself as I watch my life through the hard times and the good times Excell!

Live and Love with all that you are! ❀️ And don’t be afraid to say what you need too! Nor be afraid to be who you where meant to be…a STAR 🌟 Go to my site the song will play there! Enjoy πŸ˜‰

Coffee, Stained Glass And A Writers Thoughts xo πŸ’‹ Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Thinking about life, love, family!
Praying in this shity time we are in, I stay humble, kind and forgiving πŸ™
Believing there is a difference in making a mistake, be granted forgiveness verses not practicing what you preach and keeping things in a premeditated state!
Not taking time for granted and engulfing myself with loved ones because no day is certain!
It’s not who or what you portray to the world its who you are when noone is watching, all about the soul baby! Remember God is listening, he hears the whispers and conversations!
Not hesitating on saying what you need too meaning go with gusto in all areas of your life as you can’t say it when your gone!
As I go about my day I have to focus on not getting stuck in the mud but living for the magic I am trying to create even if it takes awhile to get there because mundane is just not how I was created to live!
Just a coffee and a writers words looking out a stained glass window this morning πŸŒ„ while I work!

Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved

Happy Thursday πŸ’‹

First I’d like to thank, “The war at home and Narc Wise” for these on point and factual truths about life and living with a narcissist! See pics below ❀️

Unfortunately, for me, I’ve had the unpleasurable experience of living with a narcissist! I was able to control my sanity while living in survival mode! This is not typical for most and although hard you question everything and anything, therfore, nothing seems real! Anyone who knows what narcissistic abuse feels like will tell you it’s a constant war between reality and survival mode and remembering what’s right or wrong and staying in touch with yourself while being abused! All I can say was it was a fight for my life, and while working and raising kids I had to maintain my focus and not lose myself in the crazy and it was crazy, painfully such! More on that later!

For now, looking back, I was glad that my strong will for life and for my dreams helped keep me going and if I can offer advice to anyone suffering any abuse, whether physical and or emotional or mental find someone to confide in and let them help you to safety as you won’t really see the repercussions of what abuse does to your brain until you leave! There will be some PTSD and for me it’s been an ongoing feeling of indecisiveness even down to what I eat each day something so minuscule is so heavy for someone who’s reality was tested daily!

Don’t, let anyone tell you how to live your life you have to live your life on your own terms! Its imperative in this short life but you also have to get rid of the naysayers, the haters, you have to get rid of those in your life that thrive on drama and those that try to control your life such as the narcissist! The narcissist used to tell me all the time when I would express how I wanted to live my life, what I saw for my life, and the dreams that I had for my life, he use to state and i quote, “I would never make it without him”! Well, he is eating his words now! Since leaving him, I have opened my own business, I have doubled my income in less than a year I live in peace and tranquility I have returned to what normal is in a relationship and in life in general! And as my buisness grows it will be lucrative! I have healthy, happy kids and a family that lives in peace and unison all together! So when he quoted I WOULDN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT HIM it was actually the opposite, I WOULDN’T MAKE IT WITH HIM!!

Happy Thursday Everyone! Live, Love and Never have regrets! πŸ’‹

Happy Monday Bloggers β€οΈ

Sharing more quotes from a very on point site based in the miserable world of narcissistic relationships! Thank you Narc Wise!! 🌎

Sometimes when I view them I get that reminding twinge of nausea reliving the feeling of a unhappy, ill normal home and toxic relationship.

But, I feel as sicken as that past was for me I have also gained knowledge and strength of what I learned, whom I have become, and how powerful I am! And in turn want to continue focusing on the healing and life i have before me! And in turn helping others stuck in that suffocating feeling of regret and fear that life will slip away and they will face there death bed with a heart full of pain and regret πŸ’” 😒

Slowly I will bring into focus not only my passionate poems ✨️ but my thirst for helping others in similar situations get out safely and gain the strength to do so!

I am not certified in counseling and or am suggesting that in any way shape or form that I am. I am solely basing this on years of my life wasted with a narcissistic man who treated me one minute like I was the most valued diamond ( a trophy wife) whom he could buy and at the same time would devalue me and discredit me in order to keep possession of me! See this is a prime example of a narcissist, looking for approval and recognition from the same person you want to discredit and devalue because they lack self esteem and use manipulation as control! Doing this to me was one thing flipping the switch and adding my kids into this qrotesge endveor is another! Two out of 3 of my kids saw into this fake Jekyll and Hyde situation and one feels as I see it pity, as so to speak. He feels sorry for him in some ways as he feels he lost a whole family (as if treating a family abusively gives you any form of right) This kind hearted child of mine witnessed and experienced the abuse as well, but, shortly as he moved out early! By the way point in case was also at the hands of this narcissistic man and cost me a pretty penny to set my son up when he felt he couldn’t come home and was told not to even come home for Christmas which i will embark on later as well as the mere thought of this past makes me want to vomit aggressively! Narcissist are good at playing the victim in every situation which I will embark on later too. Let me point out this is NOT there father as we had no kids together and these are NOT his grandchildren whom he keeps himself attached, he was someone in my life for several years whom never earned these rights biologically or otherwise and really needs to move on and create his own family not hitched still with mine. There REAL father and I have a bond even though we are divorced we created a beautiful family and we still till this day share in that and always will! The narcissist needs to tuck his tail between his legs stop feeling sorry for himself and move on and leave my family alone!

I am not sure if I will start another blog on this topic or purely add this in to this one along with poetry. But, whatever I do I hope to help someone out there realize life is too short and noone can control your life, and if you feel like you have to constantly record things to prove your not crazy, or your family tells you that your not the same since being with someone, if your in denial when friends and or family tell you that your being controlled or manipulated and you calmly lie to save yourself from embrassment, and or you have lost your self, job, possessions and have changed solely for this person and constantly are walking on eggshells then you just may be dealing with narcissistic abuse!

It’s a dark world, it’s a narcissistic world, and IT IS ABUSE!

As a certified medical assistant I know what it does, psychologically and physically to the mind and body as I am slowly recovering 2 years later.

I hope to help others out there and maybe save someone! This life is too short to waste and i wasted too much time, time i can not get back however my future is bright, calm and full of possibilities now since leaving behind the demonic human i gave years tooπŸ™

Bastards Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ”₯

Something different coming from me today as I purged out the demonic human beings I have known in the past with minds so twisted and hearts cold and dead, the words flowed like a river from my mouth to this page like I saw each one and cursed there demonic existence! In a lifetime I have known 3 not one more worse then the other but all psychopathic on some level. Hold onto your seat and enjoy πŸ˜‰

There names a curse


She witnesses them as they are casted into the inferno πŸ”₯

Praying they be painfully scorched

There agony like music to her ears

The years wasted on the unworthy


Her once crippling sympathy

To pity them and engage in time with them

Left behind taunting images

Of diseased ridden

So cold beings

She takes a deep breath

And purges the bastards once known to her

There blackened souls

Praying for redemption

Smelling of burnt flesh

Decaying in a unmarked grave

From years of hearts so frigid and minds so twisted

Grotesque are they

Purgatory would not suffice

She must be blinded for a moment

Eyes burn

Happily as she witnesses

A glimpse of there demise

While they dance with lucifer himself

Never to be forgiven

Sentenced to hell and death

She rubs her eyes


Looks at them and grins

You poor bastards

She bites her lip

Chuckles just a bit

Karma πŸ’‹

Copyright Β© 2022 Nichole Sulpizio
All Rights Reserved