Happy Monday Bloggers ❤️

Sharing more quotes from a very on point site based in the miserable world of narcissistic relationships! Thank you Narc Wise!! 🌎

Sometimes when I view them I get that reminding twinge of nausea reliving the feeling of a unhappy, ill normal home and toxic relationship.

But, I feel as sicken as that past was for me I have also gained knowledge and strength of what I learned, whom I have become, and how powerful I am! And in turn want to continue focusing on the healing and life i have before me! And in turn helping others stuck in that suffocating feeling of regret and fear that life will slip away and they will face there death bed with a heart full of pain and regret 💔 😢

Slowly I will bring into focus not only my passionate poems ✨️ but my thirst for helping others in similar situations get out safely and gain the strength to do so!

I am not certified in counseling and or am suggesting that in any way shape or form that I am. I am solely basing this on years of my life wasted with a narcissistic man who treated me one minute like I was the most valued diamond ( a trophy wife) whom he could buy and at the same time would devalue me and discredit me in order to keep possession of me! See this is a prime example of a narcissist, looking for approval and recognition from the same person you want to discredit and devalue because they lack self esteem and use manipulation as control! Doing this to me was one thing flipping the switch and adding my kids into this qrotesge endveor is another! Two out of 3 of my kids saw into this fake Jekyll and Hyde situation and one feels as I see it pity, as so to speak. He feels sorry for him in some ways as he feels he lost a whole family (as if treating a family abusively gives you any form of right) This kind hearted child of mine witnessed and experienced the abuse as well, but, shortly as he moved out early! By the way point in case was also at the hands of this narcissistic man and cost me a pretty penny to set my son up when he felt he couldn’t come home and was told not to even come home for Christmas which i will embark on later as well as the mere thought of this past makes me want to vomit aggressively! Narcissist are good at playing the victim in every situation which I will embark on later too. Let me point out this is NOT there father as we had no kids together and these are NOT his grandchildren whom he keeps himself attached, he was someone in my life for several years whom never earned these rights biologically or otherwise and really needs to move on and create his own family not hitched still with mine. There REAL father and I have a bond even though we are divorced we created a beautiful family and we still till this day share in that and always will! The narcissist needs to tuck his tail between his legs stop feeling sorry for himself and move on and leave my family alone!

I am not sure if I will start another blog on this topic or purely add this in to this one along with poetry. But, whatever I do I hope to help someone out there realize life is too short and noone can control your life, and if you feel like you have to constantly record things to prove your not crazy, or your family tells you that your not the same since being with someone, if your in denial when friends and or family tell you that your being controlled or manipulated and you calmly lie to save yourself from embrassment, and or you have lost your self, job, possessions and have changed solely for this person and constantly are walking on eggshells then you just may be dealing with narcissistic abuse!

It’s a dark world, it’s a narcissistic world, and IT IS ABUSE!

As a certified medical assistant I know what it does, psychologically and physically to the mind and body as I am slowly recovering 2 years later.

I hope to help others out there and maybe save someone! This life is too short to waste and i wasted too much time, time i can not get back however my future is bright, calm and full of possibilities now since leaving behind the demonic human i gave years too🙏

Author: glitzyritzymommy

Hi my name is nikki my nickname is sparkles. I am a glitzy fun loving mother of three wonderful children and a glammy mom-mom to three beautiful grandbabies. My life and heart are full! My daddy is still my world! My education is a certified medical assistant and i love the color pink my favorite holidays are Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas. I love God and life! These are the hardest years and the best years i just want to live life to the fullest! :)

31 thoughts on “Happy Monday Bloggers ❤️”

      1. Sounds busy and wow the high school years 😳 building block to adult hood it’s a turbulent time it’s one step on there way to leaving the nest ..enjoy the next 4 years!!
        I am good 👍 better then ever..
        Building a business, have new grandson, enjoying normal life, love and my home again! My kids are healthy and happy and successful…got rid of the toxic devil I was with and the doors of heaven opened..
        There was a fraudulent someone in the mix remember and fraud was a understatement 🤣
        Missed a nut job amen 🙏
        Been with my guy for a year and a half now and he is normal and loving and the kids and grandkids absolutely adore him ❤️ amen to normal 🙏 ❤️


    1. Aww thanks it’s all okay it was a part of my past that I am ready to tell the world about! I have tackled so much in the last 2 years leaving all that behind and starting a new life! I live a normal and happy life again 🙂 🙃 no more crazy 😜 just healthy and happy 😊
      My kids and grandkids and I are happy and he is just a horrible memory! ❤️🥰


    1. Hey beautiful 😍 thank you 😊 😘 Maybe I can help someone, sometimes are own stories can save someone. I definitely have healed but it impacted my life however now I am more successful and happier realizing I won’t go to my deathbed with regrets and my kids are all happy and successful and we are all close and the past is just a bad memory! I left not just for myself but the sake of my kids whom live in a harmonious home with me xo


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