If I can give some advice to all my beautiful blogger girls all over the world 🌎 my advice and hints and secrets! 💋

1.) Do not Do not use bleach or at least not on your whole head that is! I was born blonde, a beautiful blonde, until the age of 10 when It darkened…unfortunately for years I used bleach under the silly impression, “Blondes have more fun theory “😉 😜 First that is overrated and outdated! While blonde is beautiful I agree, what is more beautiful is a healthy Mane that is long and soft and flowing…trust me a man would much rather touch a head full of soft hair then a head full of straw that is blonde in color ladies! Unless of course you stay naturally blonde well then your lucky 😏 best of both worlds!

2.) Wash no more then 3 x a week less if your lucky like me and you have more of a dry texture…washing too much is a killer on beautiful hair no matter how expensive the products you use! Throw out that idea of you have to wash everyday …PROMISE less is more! But don’t skip on the daily showers please 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

3.) Air dry omg 😲 stop with the hair dryers nothing dries hair more then hairdryers…I haven’t used one or owned one in over 5 years! Air-dry!

4.) Braid before bed! Don’t leave uour hair down before you hit the sheets all that tossing and turning is bad for your hair EVEN with a satin pillow case! Braid hair lightly in the back as it’s sexy and keeps hair without knots and tangles!

5.) Use olaplex! Look it up online it repairs and restores hair keeping it healthy from all the damage we do to our locks! If you still need to bleach your hair, well, at least use olaplex in between salon visits and during the bleaching process…ask your hairdresser and look this valued product up online I vouch its a God send and I am a skeptic on products! This is a keeper as I have used it for at least 7 years!

6.) Get your hair trimmed no more then 3 or 4 times a year…..anymore then that it’s stays the same length.. I know I made the mistake of buying into the idea of every 4 to 6 weeks that a trim is necessary…it kept me locked into the same length for way too long!

7.) Then there’s the obvious….eat well don’t smoke, you know all the nasty habits that destroy your insides and health along with your skin and hair affecting not only your inner organs but your outer appearance!

Hope these little tid bits help 🙏

Now try not to brush too much and when you do hopefully your full of luster and love ❤ 💕 ♥

Kisses beauties 😘 💋

Author: glitzyritzymommy

Hi my name is nikki my nickname is sparkles. I am a glitzy fun loving mother of three wonderful children and a glammy mom-mom to three beautiful grandbabies. My life and heart are full! My daddy is still my world! My education is a certified medical assistant and i love the color pink my favorite holidays are Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas. I love God and life! These are the hardest years and the best years i just want to live life to the fullest! :)

22 thoughts on “LONG HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL HAIR! MY MANE 💋 Pic ðŸ˜‰”

  1. So many times I’ve been told, ‘long hair is for younger women’ or ‘yours is so thin, you should cut it cute’ or something like that. Most of your hints are in my already list, but it is still thin and often sheds worse than a white cat on black slacks. Oddly, most of your hints are cuz I detest spending money and am lazy. Once you start cutting hair, it needs done all the time. (bangs..do have those done by hand and they usually turn out ‘shabby chic’). Someday I’ll get parts of it colored again, because well, FUN! This is odd to read now, though. Was just thinking I should just get it gone and be done with it. It is mostly always pinned up anyway, so the look wouldn’t change. now…maybe not!

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    1. Hey beautiful 😍
      Those myths of long hair and age are totally old school
      Long hair is beautiful on anyone if well maintained and healthy
      My hair is fine I have a lot of it but it’s far from thick and yet long and beautiful
      I wish it was a tad thicker and definitely worth all and Any investment!
      I pin my hair up alot but knowing it will flow if down is sexy
      It’s actually the easiest shorter hair has to be trimmed alot to maintain style
      Mostly blow dried it seems
      And need extra something
      My hair is air dried
      Easy to maintain
      I don’t blow dry
      Or really style unless I am going out
      Yet it looks pretty with no effort unlike short hair
      Kris these where just some hints
      But people should always do what makes them happy 😊
      Go color your hair just stay away from bleach I learned my lesson too many times

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      1. Was thinking about this post and an elderly friend (she’s gone now) but she had a bun. When her hair was down it went past her butt! Feisty little lady. I haven’t dried my hair with anything other than normal temps since the last visit to a salon when it was colored.

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      2. Darn it, my answer posted before I was ready!!! lol Was going to say how frustrating it is to braid it at night and it is still damp from the morning cuz the temps are not as warm as they could be!

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      1. Running like a hamster on a wheel or rat In a cage …my normal 🤣🤣🤣🤣
        Big move this weekend 💪 🤪 ❤
        Did you get my whisper I sent one 2 days ago? Hope 🤞
        Hope all is well 🙏
        Hugs ❤❤

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      2. Oh, So sorry to hear that but it’s part of the process of moving and getting back to normal – in every way?
        I love, love your description – “Running like a hamster on a wheel” – What a perfect visual capture of what you are experiencing ! Sounds like a great title/topic for a post???

        Good luck on your move this weekend. Will be thinking of “You’ll” and hope it all goes to plan! It’s a brand new start, a wonderful start. Be sure to remind D it’s all his fault for making you “Want to”! Hope a new place helps you slow down on that wheel and brightens your days!!

        Yes, received yesterday p.m. Return coming soon. Yes, all is well and the blahs have gone. Spending a lot of time on puppy patrol. Love’em but it comes with a price, LOL! Sending Big Hugs back! 😊💕🌹🌹

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      3. Oh sooo glad you received it I swear it takes a full day to send..🙃
        You would have loved my fb then I stated this
        Does every day have to feel like a rat race
        I cant tell if I am winning or losing
        One thing is for sure though…
        I am always running
        But agree I am feeling like the hamster 😀
        But it’s worth it!
        Yes D is a very big part of this that’s a fact! And it’s a beautiful new start 😍
        And I am looking forward to moving the holidays being actually ENJOYABLE AGAIN! THE chaos and food and mandy is coming home for awhile yay!! We have such a beautiful bond my daughter and I we talk twice a day and my baby misses me sooo much we are so excited!
        Once settled I will be concentrating on the business and what route I want to explore life is finally normal 😌
        Looking forward to writing more as well 😀 are you ready 😀???? Miss our words and poems conjoined!
        Glad the blahs are gone puppy control will do that! Pic please dying to see these cuties!
        Hugs and hugs 💜❤

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      4. Hope the wind blew your way!
        Should I check your FB?

        I love this start! Let that simmer and see what happens – something Sweet!

        Only a hamster until Sunday night! Oh, I love that line – “A Beautiful New Start” A great title
        A Beautiful New Start, for my newly mended heart
        you helped me believe in “meant to be”
        as you slowly showed true love to me

        You made me want to
        have you wanting me
        the way that I want you
        and now we do

        It’s a beautiful new start t0 a wonderful new life. . . . take it away, N LOL

        Yes, you will get the Pink Christmas you have always dreamed of?? And Mandy time too! You are blessed!

        Hoping “finally normal”, maybe after the holidays will allow for writing/collaborating again! I miss our poems, too!

        Blahs gone! Yeah! I’m assigned puppy patrol until they are taking care of business outside. Will send Pics
        I’m an hour ahead of your EST. 8a.m. there – 7a.m. here.

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      5. Wow love this and all the words you wrote
        Miss our writings and agree the new year new writings and collaborations 💜
        You can see my fb anytime 😊
        Puppy patrol is a blessing look forward to pics 😍
        Yes Christmas this year will be jolly and fun again the home will be just that a home not a prison
        One full it laughter and noise and Beautiful chaos
        Let the festivities begin
        Lights and heat on no worries…singing dancing and food galore italian of course 😋 😉
        And now we do
        The look in our eyes is no disguise
        Heavens light shines bright
        Your kiss upon my lips
        Candy like
        Tasty delight
        Never felt so delicious
        Something so right
        Shining so bright
        Hearts delight
        As the past vanishes
        Souls rejoices
        Unison is the ecstasy
        What you give to me
        I give to you
        Forever it seems is the glue
        To this
        New togetherness
        That’s started with a candy kiss
        Full of wine …inspired lol
        Hugs and kisses 💜❤
        Thank you forever for the support

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