Why Is Everything So Black Or White …someone please tell me πŸ’‹

Hasn’t happened in a long time I woke up very angry trying to understand why people are the way they are and why it is rare to find truth and vulnerability be beautiful and people be honest! What’s the facade? What am missing? Why over the past 13 or so years I have met and settled for all the wrong people in friendship and otherwise?

Things don’t have to be so hard if your honest with yourself and others …let go of proving yourself to have someone love you! Be you, be real and damn just live!!

I want to have fun and surround myself with honest people…I don’t want perfection, I don’t care about past mistakes, I don’t care if your not perfect …this goes for friends and future relationships ❀

Just be you!

And say it like it is …no games I am done playing …I figured this if someone can’t be honest with me then I shut the door this time I won’t wait so long ..in the past I have let things go on for way too long I am done with that!

This italian princess is fiesty, honest, confident, loving and real! Take it or leave it!!

To all my bloggers out there some of you have been a total gift!

Rick and Ray and Rob and Hope and Tara…these people truly love me β€πŸ’–

Author: glitzyritzymommy

Hi my name is nikki my nickname is sparkles. I am a glitzy fun loving mother of three wonderful children and a glammy mom-mom to two beautiful grandbabies. My life and heart are full! My daddy is still my world! My education is a certified medical assistant and i love the color pink my favorite holidays are halloween, 4th of july, christmas. I love God and life! These are the hardest years and the best years i just want to live life to the fullest! :)

42 thoughts on “Why Is Everything So Black Or White …someone please tell me πŸ’‹”

  1. Nikki, you are so right! The most important things in life are the simplest but people always complicate them. We need to just live, love, laugh, drink and be happy! Other things are just man-made impediments. I know we have to face many things in life but those things we cannot change, what we can change is the way we approach them. What we can control is the way we think about things and the value we give them. But I think after all, there is really nothing to worry about in life, as I always ask myself, what is the worse that can happen, that I die, well, that would send me into another journey, another experience and another adventure. We are all born alone, even twins are not united, although they shared the same blood and the same motherly womb…ti amo, bella sei un tesoro in verita…baci, baci e baci dalla Spagna!

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    1. Your absolutely correct and amazing your words are a gift to the ear ..my heart adores the person you are! You intelligence becomes you!! I want the same things and worked very hard through hell to get here now is the time to smile and laugh and live..I want to play and dance someday not feel so stuck in routine…sei fantastico and Bella…tanti baci for a bell’uomo ❀😘

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      1. Ciao bella e grazie mille…e danza e gioca, lo farai bene, te lo meriti…un grande abbraccio dalla Spagna, πŸ™‚

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  2. Being yourself is your biggest and most authentic gift to yourself. Those who can’t accept you don’t belong in your tribe and obviously it is their struggle and still trying to prove something. Remember that not everyone is on the same vibration as you. Some have not or may never reach that level. Just imagine that. Aren’t you feeling better now, knowing how far you have come, shedding all that is not true and not your most authentic self. You go my sister…xo❀️

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    1. Thanks beautiful πŸ’– I am shaking off all the mistakes and it seems to be one at a time some more painful then others but I knew it wouldn’t be easy! I know what I want what I deserve and I won’t settle! Right now I want to let lose whenever and however that may be and have fun! It’s been way tooo long stuck in the mud for someone else! Its a shame people can’t be real! I don’t understand for the life of me why being real is sooooo hard?? Thanks for your love and support behind the scenes as well totally adore you!! ❀❀

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      1. Ughhh I just typed a long note full of love cheering you on here and for some reason it didn’t sent.
        Well, anyways, you know that I am your biggest fan and again I say you got this, gorgeous. You’ve been through so much and it’s time to have some fun and let love find you. How exciting to know that it could be just around the corner. Start your day with wonder and believing and magic will find you and bless you. Xoxoxo love you ❀️

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      2. Thank you beautiful for this beautiful comment I adore and love you back ❀ my mind is open and I am ready for the magic to find me ready to embrace a new adventure and all I want to focus on his fun…still pushing through as pain takes time to subside but I can’t look back every again …the past is in my rear view mirror I am looking at the bright in front of me now ….hugs kiss love always 😘 ❀

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      3. Agreed!! I know it’s just a repeat a way to suck you back in when the end result stays the same …its staying strong looking forward and working through the feelings reminding yourself of the repeated patterns xoxo 😘

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  3. it isn’t that I’m perfect. it is just less stressful to be I’m what someone wants me to be than be the person I think I am. I’m more real in WP than in my day to day life. The last week’s I’ve wondered if it would be easier to just be gone, but then…I do not really want to do that. At least, not until all of mom’s mess is sorted!! lol Responsible and duty are huge factors in keeping me where I am. Thankfully, there is here and I was in a place for quite a while where I could be more myself. I’m forever grateful for that. I hope you don’t remove me from your followers. xo

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    1. Kris never would remove you there is no right or wrong…if this is where your the true person you are then it’s a good outlet…I understand you but I did that for 8 years for someone and although I tried to be both what he wanted and myself ultimately I despised him and ran…I am me and one fear the ultimate fear for me that made me leave…was the fear of being on my death bed regretting living for someone else…tonight I am decorating a tree a pink tree one I dreamed about and without him my dreams are coming true …BECAUSE I AM ME!!!.I was strong enough to leave and say enough even when I loved him and it hurt like hell…because Iam too damn good to settle and my knight is coming ….his face unseen…

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      1. The man I’m with is kind and we manage well together. We have never ever fought or had a major disagreement, not really. We just live together. We do enjoy a few of the same things..oh well, I’m sure it will all work out somehow!!

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      2. No, not happy. Just responsible! And looking for find snatches of happy in bits around me. Like in the awesome shades of fall leaves piled up in between two flower beds on the sidewalk. I was going to move them, then stopped to take photos! I’ll let someone else move them!

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      3. I agree with the happiness in fall …nostalgia of some sort ..Kris happiness and health and security are amazing…honestly I love long term relationships where you feel loved and safe…I hope to find a everlasting love someday again β€πŸ’œ

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  4. Be real….reveal than to hide behind the facade….that mask….I hear you & I truly believe in that….infact be transparent…my upcoming poem, that I wrote a few days back (yet to publish….there’s a glimpse of it on my blog)….is about this…

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    1. Hey sweetie πŸ˜‰ I don’t get the masks that people wear or why we hide underneath so many layers of fake…look with me what you see is what you get..my biggest flaw i am to open and I let people in and its always the wrong ones who prey on a big heart …I can be vulnerable but they shouldn’t be mislead I am a tough cookie who takes no shit for too long! With that said I love honestly and deeply …I admit mistakes apologize for wrongs and I am ready to have fun! I will definitely check out what your referring too…just one thing why? Why is honesty so hard …I want to be loved for me not for some fake version …I want to love a REAL PERSON not a superhero…kisses 😘

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      1. I think, people wish to mask their insecurities & pretend how perfect they are….when a woman or a man is normally looking for a partner, they want to avoid the “trouble” by simply leaving the person alone….coz that person has “flaws”….and that woman or man don’t want to deal with it….so as they’re wearing a mask of how perfect they are….they expect to find a perfect match….almost absolutely flawless….a superhero….who is perfect inside & outside….but the highs & the lows are the part of joyride….love doesn’t mean only beautiful & romantic moments….love has also pain…acceptance….to accept a real man or a woman….with perfect imperfections….the flow of energy….but that’s just my way of looking at things….I am who I am….I’ve scars….my demons….but I’ve a heart as well….there’s always light….even in the darkness….would you lit a light if there were never dark….all I’m saying is….there’s nothing called perfect….there’s no superhero….it’s beautiful to simply BE than to pretend….✨❀️

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      2. Navin amazing!!! Perfectly put!! To the point and honest! I agree with all you said!! I don’t want a superhero I don’t want perfect…I want honest and real flaws and all!! I want happiness and laughter and fun …we all have pasts we all have mistakes guess what it doesn’t define you …i will take real over anything else anyway β€πŸ’‹πŸ’–

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      3. Beauty loved The Beast….his heart…his soul….his imperfections….his scars….just the way he was….real & raw is always beautiful….have a wonderful weekend ✨

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      4. Navin absolutely!! I will love a man for he is on the inside…younger years taught me by dating the quarter back looks are shallow ..I prefer a man who has imperfections his scars are beautiful to me!! Raw and real I will take over conceited and cruel…give me humble and gentle a man who can have fun be fun and kiss like crazy 😜 someone who will hold my heart sacred …I have dated white color and blue …money doesn’t make a man his heart does ❀ and you too love ❀

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      5. You’re absolutely right….It’s always heart….love….money can’t give real joy & peace….meeting the divine….feminine & masculine energies….much love ❀️ ✨

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    1. Sweetheart omg I feel the same way I have a big fuck you finger up today! Tired of being taken advantage of because my heart is too big…although I won’t change my heart I will change who is in my life …for once cant people be honest….excuse my language I am so pissed today 😀 but fuck stop the games be in or out be real or get out!! Ahhhh I have this tightness in my chest for all the idiots I let in!! No more!!! Either your in or out …I want to have fun be happy spoiled and live and love and damn he will be one lucky SOB πŸ’–β€πŸ’‹ KISSES JACK LOVE YA


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