Sometimes it is okay to take the cape off!

Sometimes it is okay to take the cape off, as hard as it may be to do, it is okay to feel overwhelmed and defeated. I think as a working mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, we all try so very hard to be all things to alot of people, that we forget to take care of ourselves! We beat ourselves up trying to be a superhero and feel as though others do not have a clue what it takes to fill these shoes, UNLESS they are walking in ones similar!!

This beautiful, sunny, saturday morning in august, i woke up feeling sad, stressed, overwhelmed and defeated. I realize that i have a lot on my plate (that most people do), and that hopefully soon i can get some relief. My head was spinning and my heart pounding and i knew i needed to decompress. I realize that it is okay not to be able to do it all! My daughter has field hockey everyday, my son has counseling appointments, Plus all the doctor, dental and every car ride to friends houses and there hobbies, i feel as though lately i LIVE in my car!! I have my clients, i have a husband. Needless to say this car accident i was in has overtaken my life as well, causing me immense grief, stress, pain and aggravation and two doctor appointments almost daily. I find it hard to be everywhere, and wonder how i will ever get to the grocery list, the laundry, and the house. Today, i realize that being supermom, superwife, superworker, is a task that will not always be completed and i have to learn to say, ENOUGH!!

Today, i realize i need to meditate, pray more, and ask for more help. I also need to find some alone time and take a breath! It can be as simple as sitting in the coffee shop, a pedicure, watching a lifetime movie in silence, or sitting in the park listening to nature. My goal is to find this time for as miniscule as it may be. I need to remove the cape for a little while and once i return it will be there waiting for me to put back on! For ALL you mothers and fathers that are parents FULL time, that feel the same way i do, it is okay to admit defeat and take some time to yourself. Your not being selfish, your SELFLESS 365 days a year, YOU are a SUPERHERO!!!!

Author: glitzyritzymommy

Hi my name is nikki my nickname is sparkles. I am a glitzy fun loving mother of three wonderful children and a glammy mom-mom to three beautiful grandbabies. My life and heart are full! My daddy is still my world! My education is a certified medical assistant and i love the color pink my favorite holidays are Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas. I love God and life! These are the hardest years and the best years i just want to live life to the fullest! :)

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