Christmas In July!

Told my husband this year this is what i want, pretty in pink christmas tree, all done up in bows and ribbons. I have never liked anything in life ordinary , so why start now 🙂 I believe in BOLD, EXTRAVAGANT , and FUN!!! It is okay to think about christmas in july and my daughter said, “mom always be true to yourself”! And this is totally me!!!! 😉

Author: glitzyritzymommy

Hi my name is nikki my nickname is sparkles. I am a glitzy fun loving mother of three wonderful children and a glammy mom-mom to three beautiful grandbabies. My life and heart are full! My daddy is still my world! My education is a certified medical assistant and i love the color pink my favorite holidays are Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas. I love God and life! These are the hardest years and the best years i just want to live life to the fullest! :)

5 thoughts on “Christmas In July!”

  1. Wow!! What an awesome tree! Lovely that you got your wish on a Christmas Tree at least!! Super and uniquely You!! I love that and in your favorite color too!! I’m a firm believer that a woman should get what she wants – just shouldn’t make you guess and play twenty questions – Just say it!! LOL! Guys aren’t good guessers!!
    Ha, ha!!! You are one of Santa’s helpers?? Thank you for the present!!
    Candy Cane kisses for You, Sweet One 💋💋
    xoxoxo 💖💖🌹😁

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    1. I didn’t get that tree this year he put a tree outside and decorated it pink but I didnt actually get what I wanted 😥 but once I am in my own place its going to rain pink! Pink xmas bathroom.. pink bedroom ahhhhhh pink pink galore 💝💝

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      1. So sorry! He was punishing You. Not long before You will be the Queen with no King!!! You can make all the wishes for Pink that you want!! Let it rain Pink!! Do you dream in Pink?

        What is the word on clients? Offline.
        Hail to the Princess
        Soon to be the Pink Queen!!!
        xoxoxo 💖💋😁

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      2. Ahh Yes the Prince! Only one problem with that – they turn into a King. Only one peacock in a relationship. Two doesn’t work well if at all. Don’t you find it interesting that the fairytales are almost all about the Princess and the Prince and not the King and Queen??? Think about it? Ha! A glass slipper?? Where is this girl that wants to be wid and free? I like two eagles flying together better!!! Just me!!
        Here’s to being Eagles!!


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