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  • An Introduction to my fabulous and chaotic world!

    June 23, 2019 by

    My name is nichole my family and friends refer to me as princess :), nikki , and sparkles! 🌸 I wear glitter everything and nothing shines more then a beautiful array of sparkles..I love to shimmer and shine and light up the world!!💋 Now who wouldn’t want a little sparkle in there life 💖 I… Read more

  • 2023 Here I come! 💋🔥❤️

    November 14, 2022 by

    2023 is almost here and will be the year I start to do open 🎤 nights for my poetry, to retrieve feedback and speak the very words that proudly flow through my veins! Looking back on my past I am so thrilled to be working my ass off building a business, MY OWN BUSINESS, and… Read more

  • Red Velvet 💋🔥 Written By Nichole Sulpizio xo

    October 29, 2022 by

    She opens the door Dark lounge Slowly she walks Through the crowd The music plays Jaz Sensual sounds Sax Mimicking moans in her ears As if people are climaxing Sensuality fills the air She sits down on a velvet cushioned couch Tosses back her long, black lace gown Glimpse of her smooth bare legs Blueberry… Read more

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